Sub Terra #6


So excited about this great line-up of Hong Kong bands we’ve booked for March’s Sub Terra series. Continuing with a teenage opener, we’ll also have two of the best Hong Kong bands showcasing as well as showcasing a
new upcoming band. Keep checking this page for more information. Tickets on sale now.

我地今個3月Sub Terra系列嘅樂隊陣形真係好令人興奮。照樣以青年樂隊打頭陣之外,我地仲請到香港兩隊最出色的樂隊,再加一隊新晉樂隊黎同大家分享音樂。想知多D就繼續留意我地個page啦。已經可以買定飛啦﹗


Dixie Lynne

Californian Dixie Lynne is a 15 year-old indie singer-songwriter. Dixie’s musical career began at an early age, inspired by a lead role in her school musical. Shortly thereafter, Dixie picked up the guitar and began learning acoustic covers from the greats: Bonnie Rate, Bob Dylan, and Robert Johnson. In 2011, Dixie performed live for the first time to a packed San Francisco coffee house. The enthusiastic response to her soulful voice with fervent jazz undertones fueled her passion for singing and songwriting. Dixie wrote and performed her first single in 2012, just prior to her move to Hong Kong. Dixie continues to produce original material with an intent to release her first album this year, following her most recent single, “Can’t Let Go Again”.





Wondergarl 神奇膠


WonderGarl is an entertaining musical unit, formed in 2007 by a group of “hot-blooded” teenagers from Hong Kong. Mission of the band is “Making new friends all over the world”. The music genre of WonderGarl is quite varied, their lyrics are all about the society and modern life style in Hong Kong including all kinds of emotions like happiness, anger and sadness. Although music cannot change the world, we would like to bring out different social issues by some interesting approaches so that our audiences will pay more attention to the society. We hope everyone can think about these issues seriously and rebuild their values and finally we can make the world become more pretty. We can say WonderGarl is a band with very strong local awareness.

Bamboo Star_web.jpg

Bamboo Star

Iconic Voice. Massive Guitar. Blistering Bass. Relentless Drums. Bamboo Star is all this and more.
An embodiment of east meets west, Their music runs at a frenetic pace that smashes you in the face, or gigantic
crescendoing power ballads which bring down the house.

標誌性的唱聲。強大的吉他。灼熱的貝斯。無情不懈的鼓。這只可開始形容BAMBOO STAR(竹星)。

High energy live shows 激烈現場表演
Powerful vocal melodies 強勢高音唱腔
Blues-driven guitarwork 藍調吉他風格
Arena-rock influence 經典金屬影響

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