Heavy #19


We are delighted to bring back our Heavy series at an amazing cosy venue in Kwun Tong. Come for a night of moshing and fun. Tickets available here.
ADDRESS: Unit F & G, B/F, Phase 2, Kwun Tong Industrial Bldg, 470 Kwun Tong Rd, Kowloon – 觀塘工業中心二期地庫F室


Loud Shaft

The guitarist and drummer formed the band in late 2013 & brought the other members together and started as Loud Shaft within a year. Initially, the band was just a getaway from the daily lives on weekends, then they started performing covers and original songss at small venue gigs within their Nepali societies where their Genre of music and Rock bands were not much supported.( sad life!! )
“Four nepalese sharing common goals to rock everyone with our taste of music”-Loud Shaft



Dagger is a new band that began in January of 2017 but very quickly showed they meant business. The band released a debut 6 song self-titled EP in May of 2017 and followed that up with a host of shows including performing at Wow and Flutter Festival (Hong Kong) as well as Dangerous Fest (Singapore). Besides being a band that sings about socio-political happenings both locally and worldwide, the band is also very proud that the members involved are from a variety of backgrounds: Hong Kong bred Pakistani, Hong Kong born and bred Chinese, Macanese, and a recent American transplant. The band is already working on a split 7″ to be released in June of this year so look out!


ShadowEscape 倒影逃離

Life like shadow. Everyday we are fighting to live a life fulfilling the values society added on us, soon we lost ourselves under somebody’s shadow. However, music is a way to escape, a trip to find our true selves. We believe sometimes life might be dark, but through music, one day we can escape from the shadows, raise our heads and stand strong under the light.

Human Betrayer_web.jpg

Human Betrayer

They are Human Betrayer, a melodic deathcore band formed in August 2016.
我們是 Human Betrayer。

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