Electronica 3


We’re delighted to host “Electronica 3” as part of our 14th Year Anniversary Celebrations in April this year. We’ve unearthed and are bringing you some of the best electronic acts currently based in Hong Kong. Come along for a night of creativity & inspiration. We’ve also organised some awesome prizes for the audience to win! Advance tickets go on sale mid-March.
我地好高興可以主辦埋”Electronica 3″作為今年4月我地舉辦十四週年慶祝派對嘅一部分! 經過一番努力起底, 我地將會為大家送上香港現有最火熱最正嘅電子音樂組合。準備黎感受充滿創意靈感嘅一晚!
仲有, 我地亦都安排左D你意想唔到咁正嘅獎品等你地贏走!3月中就開始有得買優先飛啦。

Yeung Tung 2016_web.jpg

Yeung Tung 楊彤

A self-produced singer-songwriter whose style skews towards the electronica end of the pop music spectrum. Emotional yet concealed, gloomy and atmospheric in her expressions.
Latest productions in 2017 will be in Cantonese.
一人包辦詞曲編監的唱作人,風格傾向流行電子,音樂當中富於內歛的情感,揚溢幽暗的氣氛。2017 年新作為廣東歌。



Fabel 成員Jimmy(馮慶聰)和Lolo(盧祝君)因一次校內歌唱比賽相識。我們不斷在嘗試不同類型的音樂風格,開始接觸電音樂,亦朝著電子搖滾音樂路線方向創作我們所想的,唱出我們所感受的。2011年二人分別離開昋港,到歐洲學習並發掘出新的音樂元素,亦在愛爾蘭大街嘗過街頭表演。回來過後,繼續積極唱作和找尋表演機會,全因得到各界朋友的支持,亦結識了不少來自不同界別的音樂人!2012年認識歌曲監製Alvin Leong(梁榮駿),得到其欣賞和全力支持,簽約以indie 音樂精神為方向的 *神馬音樂有限公司* (WhatsUp Music Ltd.) 為旗下歌手, 重新打造。務求成為新一代的電子音樂先驅。2013年組成Fabel ,繼續唱作,向著電子音樂的旅程繼續進發。


Janette Slack

“One of the UK’s top female DJs” Time Magazine
“Future hero” Mixmag
“Top electro and breaks gal” DJ Mag
“Not just a pretty face, sorry!” Time Out London

Multi-disciplined and working at the crossroads of East and West, few people embody the 21st Century global music industry like label boss, composer, photographer’s muse and DJ, Janette Slack. After starting her career as a fresh-faced 17-year-old in Hong Kong, a 16 year stint in London saw her studying an Audio Engineering course while working in legendary Camden record shop Vinyl Addiction and moonlighting at breaks label Finger Lickin’. Gigs at famous clubs like Ministry of Sound, Fabric, The Cross, Cargo and across Europe and Australia soon followed.
Since returning to Hong Kong in 2014, Janette has played at music festivals including Secret Island Party, Clockenflap and Macau’s Ultra Festival; toured Europe, Thailand and Australia; and
rocked local venues ranging from the Ritz-Carlton, Bump and Beatship to Fly, Lily & Bloom, Mavericks, Pink Dot and Yojimbo to name a few.
Janette also runs a DJ and production school to nurture local talent. Her own recent output includes collaborations with music legend Anthony Lun and club remixes of some of Sandy Lam’s classic songs to accompany her current worldwide Pranava tour.
Fresh from a two month tour including South Africa, Croatia and sold-out 3000-capacity gig at the Coronet in London, she flew home in time to play at Clockenflap in Central Hong Kong and rock
the afterparty at Ce La Vi with Parliment Funkadelic, whom she has now collaborated with on their new track ‘Victim of Love’.
This year Janette has already been Pharrell Williams’ warm DJ for his latest Mademoiselle Prive Tour with Chanel.
Whether it’s afterhours in a secret club or soundtracking a fashion catwalk, Janette has stamped her reputation (as Time Out once declared) as ‘The city’s music boss’.



JUNK! is an audio-visual show like you’ve never seen before.

Powerful, funny and slightly psychotic, JUNK! uses video game controllers, drum pads, a keytar and a tambourine to build live vocal loops before your eyes – all synchronised to video while wearing a cape.

JUNK! has performed his unique blend of the 80s, 90s and the future all over the world.

JUNK! is not a fucking DJ.

Seeing JUNK! is not like seeing any other band – it is a piece of performance art.

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