Planetrox China Final 2018


Here are the five bands who have made it through to the Planetrox China Final 2018. ONE of these bands will be flying to Canada in September to play at a major festival. Put 12th May into your calendar, get your advance tickets now. A great night of music guaranteed. 以上就是今年度能夠進入Planetrox 中國 2018最後五強的樂隊。當中一隊幸運的樂隊將會在九月份到加拿大參與一個大型的音樂節現場演出!現在馬上記下5月12日這個日子並立即購票,享受一個充滿精彩音樂的晚上吧!



VIRT is a band devoted to the creation of unique tones. Our sound is generally influenced by various music genre including Alternative Rock, Fusion, Jazz, Math Rock, Progressive Rock, Trance Core, etc.
Within the first half year since its establishment, VIRT is awarded the Hong Kong Regional Champion and the Best Guitarist in Hong Kong Asia Pacific Youth Band Sound Completitiom 2017, and Champion of Tertiary Category in Hong Kong and Macau Youth Band Competition 2017.


Loud Shaft

The guitarist and drummer formed the band in late 2013 & brought the other members together and started as Loud Shaft within a year. Initially, the band was just a getaway from the daily lives on weekends, then they started performing covers and original songss at small venue gigs within their Nepali societies where their Genre of music and Rock bands were not much supported.( sad life!! ) “Four nepalese sharing common goals to rock everyone with our taste of music”-Loud Shaft
P.S. we never thought we will reach upto here lol

Two Finger Salute_web.jpg

Two Finger Salute

Glen Lewis – Drums
Tim Norton – Guitar/Vocals
Paul Fozzy Foster – Guitar/Vocals
Simon Griff Griffin – Bass/Vocals
Phil Oi! Gough – Vocals

Working class heroes with a heart full of pride. Council estates, Fred Perry’s and British subculture. Based in the heart of Asia and playing shows in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, China, Indonesia and Japan, Two Finger Salute are promoting their sound across Asia Pacific and working on a European adventure. Started in 2015, as a four piece, Paul Foster joined in 2017 for additional guitar duties. After featuring on various compilation releases, their first album, “Anger & Pride” was released in September 2017. They were special guests for Ruts DC on their Hong Kong visit in January 2018. TFS are back in the “Two Finger Saloon Studio” and working on their next release for 2018.



SAGAS 音樂類型以Pop Rock 為主,歌曲中亦有加入Synthesiser 和Acoustic 的原素!
主要成員由Cyrill(vocalist/guitarist)、Dani(vocalist/bassist)、TIM(Drummer)組成在2014年尾組成,後來加入了Teddy(Guitarist)、 Jerry(Guitarist/ Bassist)。

SAGAS music elements to Pop, Rock, Acoustic, Synthesiser formed in November 2014!
All our songs come from a word, a story, and feeling at the moment. We expressed our feelings with our song writing and performance all straight from heart! We try to play the simplest music arrange with the influent melody to connect with the audience.
We would like to share our stories, feelings and experiences, hoping to bring some loves, hopes and powers to the world!
SAGAS’s original songs are published on different platform, included YouTube, iTunes , Apple Music, Spotify, kkbox, JOOX ……and more since 2015.



SCAMPER,來自澳門的搖滾樂團。 他們是 LINKIN PARK 世界巡回演唱會(澳門站)的表演嘉賓、以及是2016澳門樂壇頒獎禮「年度最佳樂隊」。
SCAMPER 的現場很有感染力,觀眾們會不自覺地掉進他們的音樂漩渦。 細心極致的現場表演,既唱出成員們為夢想前進的掙扎和努力,也唱出了我們每個人心裡最貼心的聲音:「年輕的心要認真去玩,去邂逅本不可能的事」。

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