FWD Mellow Yellow Music Festival


The Underground is thrilled to announce insurer FWD Hong Kong as the title sponsor for the inaugural Mellow Yellow Music Festival, a family-friendly and free-entry music festival taking place on July 5, 2019. As a part of SummerFest 2019, a major summer program at Central Harbourfront Event Space co-organized with Central Venue Management, Mellow Yellow will focus on laid-back and relaxing music including folk, acoustic and light jazz, suitable for the whole family. It will offer a full line-up of both established and up-and-coming acts.
Besides music, food and beverage will be supplied by The Flying Pan. A series of family friendly merchandise will be on sale, which include cool clothing with individualized stickers by Volcom and Island Wake, handmade copper utensils from India and a range of unique lifestyle items from The Spirit Haüs, and more.
Save the date – Friday July 5, 2019 ¬– and enjoy light, quality live music with family and friends and the first taste of the summer holidays! FREE ENTRY and all music lovers welcome!
The Underground 很高興能得到香港富衛保險的冠名贊助,一起合作於2019年7月5日舉辦首個Mellow Yellow 音樂節 。Mellow Yellow音樂節會以家庭及小童為主要對象,歡迎大家前來共聚天倫之樂。
中環夏誌將會於中環海濱活動空間舉行,此大型夏日活動是由Central Venue Management舉辦。Mellow Yellow作為中環夏誌的節目之一,主打悠閒和輕快的音樂,包括民謠、不插電及輕爵士音樂等等,適合一家大細。音樂節將會邀請不同著名及嶄露頭角的本地樂隊。
除了音樂,當日還有由The Flying Pan提供的食物和飲品。屆時亦將售賣一系列適合家庭的商品,包括Volcom和Island Wake的型格衣服、印度手工銅器,以及Spirit Haüs各種獨特的生活用品等等。
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Mellow Yellow: http://mellowyellowmusic.com

Main Stage

Brigitte Mitchell

Brigitte Mitchell exhibits her versatility with a daring grace. Her voice is beautifully crisp and unencumbered, a combination of jazz classics like Ella Fitzgerald and the deep resonance of her gospel upbringing. The daughter of a pastor, Brigitte first learned her craft singing in the church choirs of her home in Cape Town, South Africa. Beginning at the age of four, she quickly ascended the ranks to choir leader and went on to win singing awards and participate in local competitions. “I come from such a wide range of musical interests”, she says, “I continue to explore and grow in new directions every day

Another Kitchen

Another Kitchen於2010年正式成立及命名。經過多次成員更換,終於形成現時的穩定陣容,成員包括創辦人兼低音結他手Kit、結他手Charles、鼓手Ching、及主音Kimi。

Another Kitchen 的音樂風格以 Rock & Pop為主,音樂既有流行與搖滾元素,也會嘗試把各成員的音樂喜好納入我們的樂風之中,當中包括Blues、R&B、Funk、Latin、Fusion……等等。同時,我們希望可透過音樂,分享我們對現實的不滿,以及追逐夢想的熱情。我們都享受組Band的樂趣,也希望聽者能受到我們感染。

經過多年籌備,Another Kitchen 首張大碟 Do What You Love於2015年4月推出,首發主打Play Tonight打入903專業推介十大。2016年推出全新單曲「看不清」,再度打入903專業推介排行榜及新城勁爆榜。

Another Kitchen 現時活動以現場演出為主,擅長以不同形式應付不同場合的演出,包括以 Full Band 作大型演出,以及以2、3人方式作小型Acoustic 演出。演出曲目包括原創歌曲;亦擅長改編中英文流行曲。同時間亦籌備新作。期望能創作更優秀作品,與樂迷分享。
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Deeply influenced by the rise of Britpop culture in the 90s, 12.8 from Hong Kong is eager to take this movement to the next level through bittersweet stories around the city.

Jason (vocals), Kelvin (guitar), Mo (bass), Brian (keyboards), Cheuk (drums)



R.O.O.T (Running Out Of Time) is a local band with jazz as their root. This music group was initiated by Jan Curious, the lead vocal of Chochukmo and Teriver Cheung, a well-known world touring jazz guitarist. Since late 2016, they have constantly surprised the audience by their talents and innovation in jazz music. They were even invited to perform in Freespace Happening in 2016. Naming their band as R.O.O.T. in 2018, they recorded two original songs, “Walk the walk” and “Boys and Girls”, which were included in “Freespace Mixtape Vol. 1”. In the same year, R.O.O.T were invited again to perform in Freespace Happening.

“Jazz is something that you have to experience live. You can’t learn by watching a video. You have to be in the environment in order to observe and be inspired by other musicians.” R.O.O.T are looking forward to attract more audience to have fun in their Jazz live.

– R.O.O.T (Running Out Of Time) 是一隊以爵士為根的本地音樂組合。這音樂組合由觸執毛主音阿水 (Jan Curious) 和知名世界巡迴爵士結他手 Teriver Cheung 發起。他們在 2016 年年尾首度合作,獲邀請於「自由約」戶外音樂會中演出。2018 年,正式命名為 R.O.O.T (Running Out Of Time),錄製兩首原創歌曲——「Walk the walk」和「Boys and Girls」,收錄在「Freespace Mixtape Vol. 1」。同年,R.O.O.T. 再度獲邀出演「自由約」戶外音樂會。

「爵士樂是一種需要欣賞現場演奏的樂種,很難在家中透過錄像去學習,你必須身處在那個環境觀察其他樂手。」R.O.O.T 期待將來能吸引更多聽眾投入爵士的表演當中。

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Mark Tai 戴晉揚

Mark Tai, singer-songwriter born and raised in Hong Kong. Graduated from Berklee College of Music, Boston, US. Came back to Hong Kong for his passion for canto-pop music.

Mark produces his own songs while putting his skills into practice by taking part in projects of various natures, such as commercial and movie scoring, theatre musician, singer, orchestrator, arranger, songwriter, etc.

Notable TV appearances: Champion of the 25th CASH Songwriter’s Quest and participant, participant of VIU TV’s Goodnight Show.



第25屆CASH流行曲創作大賽冠軍,VIU TV 全民造星 參賽者。

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Ewan Ho & Movement

簡介 牧⺠民樂樂樂樂隊是一一群純樸,自自由和浪漫之徒所組成。他們愛帶著樂樂樂樂器用用音音樂樂樂樂四處交 友(音音樂樂樂樂乃是國際語言言),因應心心情唱出歌曲,可能因為隊員的性格比較不 同,所以有多種曲風的格調,他們自自稱為城市⺠民歌(City Folk),又又常常即興創 作,叫人人驚喜。他們希望用用音音樂樂樂樂去關心心世界,關心心社會,關心心你! 用用真實的歌 詞和幽默的手手法,希望可成為漆黑黑中的螢火蟲。

Happy people sing happy songs.

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CircleGuitar & Fiski

Circle 是香港獨立唱作人,擅於以結他伴奏彈唱,曾於不同 live house、戶外演出場地及商場演出。近年接受了電視節目《星期日檔案》有關音樂演出的報導「城市歌者」的訪問,談及在香港城市獻唱的點滴,另,更獲MOOV邀請拍攝”與你音樂同路” 電視廣告,逐漸受更廣大的公眾認識,而「我的快樂時代」影片點擊率更高達15萬人次。


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Busking Stage


受歌手謝和弦啓發,Jennachord 13歲開始詞曲創作,以歌曲紀錄生活點滴。2016在英國留學時,在難能可貴的晴天衝到街頭,進行第一次街頭賣唱。及後開始在英國咖啡店及酒吧表演。2017年回港後繼續努力追夢,並曾為蘭桂坊、中環大館、太古地產、科學園等大型機構進行表演。
Inspired by Rchord, Jennachord started songwriting when she was 13 to record her life. She had her first busking under a sunny day in the UK (where sunshine is very rare) and began to play gigs for coffee shops and bars there in 2016. She’s back to Hong Kong to continue her music journey since 2017 and had performed for big organisations like Lan Kwai Fong, Tai Kwun, Swire Properties and Science Park etc.

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Banyan Bay Ensemble

The Banyan Bay Ensemble is a collection of musicians based in Hong Kong. The Lineup rotates as we come and go from this Beautiful city. Americana, Bluegrass, Country Blues, Delta and Swing.’

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Charlie Chan & 水金

Charlie is a local songwriter and singer who performs songs in different genres mainly in pop and acoustic. Watergold is a local keyboardist who plays mainly pop and jazz. They rearrange different Cantonese tunes into new style.

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Hunting Unicorns

Like many acts in Hong Kong, ‘Hunting Unicorns’ has been chasing rainbows and magical pots of gold since its first HK jam session. Spontaneous creativity soon progressed into a distinct blend of sounds- mixing an etherial Wurlitzer with the cleanly strummed chords of an acoustic guitar. Part funk, part pop, and part plain fun, ‘Hunting Unicorns’ will make you feel like your in the 70’s with the same outfit you wore to the show. Kyle Wagner, the frontman and fun loving keyboardist will be sure you stay entertained, with catchy grooves and quirky lyrics that will get you on your feet while asking your friend, “What does this song even mean?” After the first lick you won’t even care, because whatever your musical taste, or whatever your era, there’s something in their songs for each of you.


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