Planetrox China Final 2017


Here are the five bands who have made it through to the Planetrox China Final 2017. ONE of these bands will be flying to Canada in September to play at a major festival. Put 7 July into your calendar, get your advance tickets now. A great night of live music. 以下係五隊躋身於Planetrox China 2017五強嘅樂隊。只有其中一隊幸運的樂隊可贏得九月份到加拿大的重大音樂節中演出。Mark定七月七號入你嘅日曆,再買定優先飛,準備一晚好正嘅現場音樂啦!


Carrier 帶菌者​

Carrier is an Pop-rock band from Hong Kong, formed in 2013. Carrier also influenced by Japanese rock, funk and metal. The idea of Carrier is infect everyone who loves to listen to Carrier. We create music and music create us. Carrier formed with the vocalist Lung Siu Kwan, the lead guitarist Ah Fa, the rhythm guitar Kenji, the Bassist Ah Mann and the Drummer Ah Po. 香港獨立樂隊,由四男一菌組成,希望用音樂這個特殊技能感染世人,將音樂這病毒,以人傳人交叉感染的方式傳遍所有人
Members: vocalist:龍小菌Lsk, Lead guitarist:花Fa, bassist



NastyDudes is a hard rock band originated in Los Angeles, 2013. As musicians pursing advanced studies in Musician Institutes, Terry and Kim created a two-man band called “Nasty Brothers” when exploring their music in the local singing contest. With the determination of revolutionizing the music industry, they established a full band after getting in touch with Poon and Chiu in September 2014.

Something Blue_web.jpg

S​omething Blue​

Two guitars, a bass, a drum kit, and a voice: the rock band essentials. Something Blue brings many influences together into a modern context. From blues to funk, rock to flamenco, it doesn’t really matter… as long as it sounds good!

Turing Apples_web.jpg

T​uring Apples​

Turing Apples is the product of 5 ne’er-do-well childhoods in Hong Kong and a shared passion for happy hour, pseudo science and sweet, sultry noise. At its core Turing Apples is 5 people who don’t necessarily agree on everything but are willing to try anything.

With influences ranging from 90s Mid-Western Emo to Hardcore Punk Rock to Funk and Jazz, the Apple sound has been described as “noise pop meets indie rock”. Nicola (vox/melodica/ukelele), Ali (guitar/vox), Hans (guitar/ukulele), Rafe (bass/noise) and Latif (all things percussive) like to think of it as “nerd rock”….music that Alan Turing almost certainly would have approved of. 

With a few years under their belt they have recently finished recording their second EP “A Lack of Common Decency” which is currently being primed to be unleashed on an unsuspecting public. TA are also proud to be part of the “Artefracture” stable of noise merchants and their first EP “Degrading Gracefully” can be found on

Wanchai Road_web.jpg

Wanchai Road​​​​​​

Wanchai Road is a group of friends from different countries (Argentina,Spain, UK and the US) who got together unified for their love to music and their willingness to create some good tunes. With a mix of influences you can clearly find in their melodies, from Radiohead, to Foo Fighters and even The Ramones, mostly rock bands for the ‘80s and the ‘90s, they are starting their own way in music creation.

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