Rustic #3


We’re so excited to bring you a show that’s folk-centric featuring some great Hong Kong musicians. We’re back at Morrisons, who got awarded best Veggie burger in HK by SCMP – so come along for a night of great food & music.
Advance tickets available now. 我們萬分興奮,為你帶來一場以民歌為中心的香港樂手音樂會。回到Morrisons:他們剛獲SCMP頒發最佳素食漢堡呢;來吧,享受一個美食和音樂的晚上。預售門票現已開始發售。


何英瑋Ewan Ho

I am a Music Traveller,
I sing everywhere,
I write stories everyday,
I make music in a 5 square room


Olga Chung

Olga is a singer/songwriter since 2011. She has been wandering between gigs and studios, trying to tell stories through music. She has been performing in various live gigs, writing original work as well as collaborating with other artists. Olga recently became a professional singer/songwriter member on SoundBetter. She is a mezzo soprano who has an unique voice quality that runs between soft and strong. She recently published her EP and Olga自2011年起開始成為唱作歌手, 於不同場合用音樂和女中音聲線演繹故事。她最近推出了兩限個人EP , 亦成為網站Soundbetter的專業歌手及寫作人成員。除了獨立創作外, Olga亦會與其他藝術家共同創作及演出。

esimorp rustic promo 1.jpg


For Rustic #3, Esimorp is departing from their usual pop rock sound for a special set of novelty songs and arrangements which will blend thoughtful lyrics and rich acoustic guitars with melodic and ambient electric guitar.
Esimorp is made of two long time friends from Atlanta, USA, and two new friends from Hong Kong and Sydney, Australia. Their musical ventures aim to expose truths, hopes and other intangibles through music with both new and familiar sounds. With influences from artists like Coldplay, Kings of Leon, and Mumford and Sons, expect a blend of indie rock and ambient pop. As winners of the 2017 Volkswagen x Underground HK Battle of the Bands, they are currently preparing to go into the studio to record their first singles this summer.

Pineapple Jam (2).jpg

The Pineapple Jam

The Pineapple Jam hail from Sai Kung bringing their foot stomping, many instrumented Americana and slick vocal harmonies to beer-serving venues throughout Hong Kong.

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