Heavy Unplugged #1


Chris B challenged local hard rock bands to come and perform unplugged at The Underground, IF THEY DARE. Three local bands took up the challenge. Come for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see these bands who are normally known for how hard they rock! Chris B 向本港的重型搖滾樂隊發出一個挑戰,來The Underground玩一場“唔用電”的音樂會:你夠膽的話。結果有3隊樂隊接受了挑戰。來,經歷這個難得一遇的機會。別忘記,他們平常是人人認識為極為重型的樂隊喔。

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Wan Chai Warriors

Wan Chai Warriors is a band from Hong Kong formed in November 2014. The line-up consists of four members: Cain McInerney (vocals), Vincenzo Nardelli (guitar), Sergio Capuzzimati (bass) and Jamie Edwards (drums). They started playing covers of classic rock bands (i.e. Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix) along with some heavier tunes of bands such as Metallica and AC/DC among others, before moving on and playing original music. Their music is a mix of rock and hard rock with some modern influences that reflect the background of the band members. At the beginning of 2015 they took part in The Underground HK x Parsons Music Battle of the Bands 2015, where they played at the final and won the Gibson Award for best guitar player.

How Wan Chai Warriors are challenged by an unplugged show:
One of our favourite albums to listen to is Nirvana’s unplugged album. So, when we were given the opportunity to perform at the UNDERGROUND unplugged show we jumped at the offer. Most people who know our band will not think it is likely that we would be able to have an acoustic version of our songs because all of our songs pack a punch and we have screaming vocals on occasion. But we have modified our songs to suit a quieter atmosphere while still retaining all the nuts and bolts.


Bamboo Star

Our music is a mix of blend of heavy rock, classic metal, pop-punk and bluesy rock n’ roll, but we prefer to just say ‘hard rock’ and let the audience decide! Our sound is typically quite over-the-top with a tonne of things going on. Stripping back to acoustic arrangements will force us to really evaluate what the essence of the songs really are and to prioritise what shines through.

Bamboo Star has been featured on Hong Kong TV and was the China winner of the Planetrox international band competition 2015, after which they toured Toronto and Quebec with success. The band continually performs shows in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and China.

The band is one of only two Hong Kong bands to ever be signed to an American label, and Bamboo Star’s EP Broken Hearts and Bleeding Parts was released on November 11, 2016 by Vertusent Music Group from New York, distributed by RED Distribution/The Orchard, divisions of Sony Music Entertainment.

Bamboo Star is currently in the studio recording a new album for 2017.

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Mockingbird is an alternative rock band based in Hong Kong. Having inspired by a modern American literature “To Kill a Mockingbird”, the name “Mockingbird” is used as a metaphor to describe innocence and childhood. We hope to share our message and values through contemporary musical ideas, to let everyone find their true-selves deep down.
For this show, we will rearrange our songs in an unplugged version, possibly with a different style and taste. Come along to find out.
Mockingbird (知更鳥樂團) 是來自香港原創樂隊,作品主要為另類搖滾風的英語歌曲。成員包括主音「未來」,結他手「恩」和「泉」,低音結他手「羅志」和鼓手「粉」。 樂團在2012年成立,一直活躍於獨立樂隊演出和交流,亦曾獲香港各大比賽獎項,包括2014年香港青年樂隊大賽季軍、2014年獅子會「糖衣風暴」樂隊比賽最佳主唱、2016 Yamaha Asian Beat最佳鼓手等。

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