We’re excited and feeling a bit naughty as we bring you an event called “Threesomes”. 我們很興奮,也覺得小許頑皮,皆因我們會帶來一個“玩3P”活動。



SPAM stands for Solomon’s Porch Awesome Musicians. We are an acoustic indie folk band that was formed in Hong Kong to represent the awesome musicians of Solomon’s Porch church. We perform both our original singer / songwriter anthems as well as our unique acoustic interpretations of various chart hits old and new.


Say Mosquito

Formed in the summer of 2011, Say Mosquito straddles the ground between punk, jazz, psychobilly and pop. Peppered with irreverent lyrics and a no nonsense approach to fun, they take the classic power trio formula, feed it amphetamines, and turn it upside down and inside out. Their infectious songs reflect the diversity of their influences, ranging from artists such as X-Japan, NoMeansNo, Faith No More, to Wayne Shorter and Weather Report to name but a few.

A mainstay of the Hong Kong indie scene, Say Mosquito has been gigging regularly since 2012, with appearances at The Wanch, Hidden Agenda, The Fringe Club, Silvermine Beach Festival, and anywhere else in the city they can haul their gear to. They have also participated in events in mainland China including Rat On Swamp Dog (Shaghai) and X-Ta-Sea Woodstock (Shenzhen), and played hosts to international touring acts such as Dai Kai Ju (US), Thug Mills (Australia) and The Mystery Lights (US).

成立於二零一一年的夏天, Say Mosquito 的音樂穿梭於朋克,爵士,精神分裂和流行音樂之間。擁有無厘頭的歌詞,抱住認真地去玩的態度,這個三人樂團的音樂好有活力,好似食左安非他明一樣。從他們澎湃洗腦的歌中更可以聽到每位成員不同類型的音樂影響,例如 X-Japan, NoMeansNo, Faith No More, Wayne Shorter 和 Weather Report 。

扎根於香港, Say Mosquito 由二零一二年開始活躍於香港的舞台,例如在The Wanch,Hidden Agenda, 藝穗會和銀礦灣沙灘音樂節都能夠找到他們的蹤跡。除了香港,他們亦參與過中國內地的音樂活動,例如深圳的X-Ta-Sea Woodstock和上海的Rat on Swamp Dog。 Say Mosquito 亦先後與不同的國際樂隊同場演出過,例如美國的 Dai Kai Ju 和 The Mystery Lights,和澳洲的 Thug Mills 。



EMPTY,正是你我最率直純真、滿腔熱血之時。於「空」的狀態, 沒有任何煩囂雜念阻礙你去追尋夢想。

2013 : Hennessy Artistry – Hong Kong 2013 (Line up: Elva Hsiao 蕭亞軒, Candy Lo, Dear Jane, Joey Tang, EMPTY)
2012 : Hennessy Artistry – Shanghai 2012 (Line up: Mayday, Aurea, Adam Lambert, Nemesis, Wang Feng, EMPTY) // Hennessy Artistry –
Hong Kong 2012 (line up: 五月天, 周國賢, Gin Lee, NS Yoon-G, Elle King, EMPTY) // Winner of Pursue Your Dream of Music On-line
Audition // Parkland Top Band Competition (HK) 2012入圍總決賽
2011 : 校園音樂巡迴表演2011 // 《香港龍舟嘉年華生力啤酒節》生力搖滾至激鬥樂隊比賽入圍決賽// EMPTY “Still Dreaming” 音樂會

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