Underground Heavy #20


For the last show by The Underground this year, we bring you Heavy 20 with some of the best and loudest bands in Hong Kong. Come along and mosh with us.
今年The Underground的最後一個音樂會會是Heavy 20,有香港最好最吵耳的樂隊。來!陪我們一起載歌載衝。





Insects Wake 驚蟄

驚蟄 Insects Wake 受著 Megadeth、Arch Enemy、Trivium 的熏陶,以激流、律動以及死亡旋律金屬為藍圖建立自己的音樂風格。

秉承著激流、旋律金屬的風格,驚蟄 Insects Wake 在令人亢奮的拍子節奏和優雅如流的旋律中間找到了恰到好處的平衡,那令人容易投入的段落音節令人難以抗拒地跟隨著頭搖身擺。主音的低沉嘶吟,委實有中後期較著重旋律的 Arch Enemy 的影子。歌詞多以英語創作,以簡潔的短句,描繪人間彷如地獄的諷喻,也是曲目令人著迷的地方。


Rooted from thrash and melodic death metal, Insects Wake was brilliant at balancing the headbanging beats and rhythm with silky smooth melodies, making addictive riffs and verses that brainwashed the audience. The vocal’s roar and scream were indeed echoing the singing style of Arch Enemy in the later era, which emphasized more on the melodic perspectives of the compostions. Lyrics were mainly composed in English, in short phrases, describing the hellish world we are living. These illustrations were part of the reason why their songs are that charismatic.

Insects Wake, was referenced from the Chinese lunar calender, being the time when all creatures awaken in spring. This name fits the band so much, as they brought the sense of young power and energy to the audience through their music.
(Biography by Infree Records)

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