Underground Legends


23-03-19 @ The Hub



    2019 is our 15th year of hosting live music events, so we’re going to celebrate all year with a bunch of great events! This first event will pay tribute to the acts who have stood the test of time, having graced Underground stages on at least five occasions. Keep an eye on this page and the selected favourites we’ve booked to perform.
    2019將會係我地在香港紮根及舉辦不同大小的演唱會的15週年。為了慶祝這重大的里程碑,我地將會舉辦一連串精彩而隆重的活動!第一個活動志在鼓舞一些能夠在The Underground 舞台上屹立不倒的樂隊,他們全部都在Underground的舞台上演出超過五次!繼續留意我地並且期待這些樂隊的演出!

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