Underground Rocks 2019


We are ready to salute all things ROCK for this show. Check out the rockers we have booked for this event and then grab your tickets to the show.


Made of friends from around the world (HK, USA, and AUS) who met in Hong Kong, Esimorp has channeled their eclectic influences into a dynamic balance of beauty and intensity. The four-piece’s novel blend of indie rock and ambient pop won them the 2017 Volkswagen x Underground Battle of the Bands and propelled them to FWD Stage at Clockenflap 2018. Esimorp has just completed their upcoming debut LP featuring single “The Minutes.”
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Noisy Charlie (嘈查理)

充滿玩味的四人樂隊 – Noisy Charlie ( 嘈查理 ),演繹風格偏走隨性美,時狂,時沉。隊名蘊含兩種音樂理念。 Noisy-代表融合不同的音樂風格,在時代巨輪下印証確切的存在感。Charlie-有著查理布朗般童心未泯的象徵,難掩年少輕狂的心境。隊名切合主音斯朗,鼓手威倫,結他手King,和低音結他手Samuel。四子的世界觀如孩童般充滿好奇心,亦會有堅持己見和執著的時刻。 平凡人身處於光怪陸離的社會,生活養分無聲息被抽乾,進退失據的平凡人不應再甘於平庸。也許,你能像我們一樣,用狂歡、沉寂、悲嘆、嬉笑、憤慨的心態,回應社會的變化吧!
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With an interstellar history of original recordings and unforgettable stage performances, Uranus is widely regarded as the third-best band to emerge from the Fragrant Harbour known as Hong Kong. The five members in Uranus (Ed “Keif” Bean, Craig “Guitar Hero” Leeson, Jasper “Bassically” Donat, Dom “Drum Machine” Lau, and William “Vox” Pfeiffer) are by day high-functioning media darlings who by night leave a trail of broken hearts — mostly their own. With studio albums including “Innuendo”, their live album “Plugged”, and their upcoming rockumentary feature film “Uruguanus”, these rockers create cosmic musical mayhem that could only come from Uranus.” Facebook


After10 is a Hong Kong indie band founded in 2014 by vocalist & guitarist Hong, bassist Fung and drummer Wai. The name After10 was inspired by the group being 10 years in the music scene as members of another band before forming After10, and a question they wanted to ask themselves where they aim to go after 10 years in the music scene. On 14th August 2014, After10 held the “After10 Come-Towards-Me One Big Step LIVE” concert at Hong Kong Fringe Club. Their single “Come Towards Me” released the same month. In Feb 2015 their 2nd single “Deep in Words” released and was an instant hit, making this one of the most iconic song of the band. The band then released their 3rd single “Was it you” in the same year and have since released a number of singles.
After10 is known as a band who sings for the working class, since most of their music is about reflections of work, family, love and balance in life. After10 aims to continue collaborating with different producers, artists and lyricists in 2019, as well as performing in various festivals and events throughout Asia.
After10 香港獨立樂隊,於 2014 年成立,成員為主音及結他手陳永康、低音結他手姚榮豐及鼓手陳仲偉。三人由彼此認識至樂隊成立剛好十年,「After10」取其「十年後」的意思。 本地 3 人樂隊 After10 的作品大都是三位成員親自作曲和填詞,直到近期喜歡找不同音樂人合作,希望為每一首作品注入不同元素。上一首作品《朝幸福前行》請來先後三次奪得香港電影金像奬最佳電影原創歌曲,監製戴偉及有 RubberBand 御用填詞人之稱的Tim Lui 為新曲加持。與此同時,After10 個別成員也會為本地不少著名歌手擔任樂手,以及每期在 Re:spect Music Magazine 都可以找到 After10 的專欄。
最新派台歌「Happy Hour」,由 After10 親自作曲填詞,為了讓樂迷有耳目一新的感覺,更找來有份監製 Dear Jane 的 《哪裡只得我共你》、《經過一些秋與冬》、吳浩康的 《先入為主》、許廷鏗 《你在我在》的關禮琛合作,擔任新曲《Happy Hour》的監製,加入更多音樂元素,令 After10 的曲風更有層次和輕快感。《Happy Hour》講述那些每天麻木工作,放棄了很多私人時間,漸漸失去了生活方向的人的心景。希望大家聽過 Happy Hour 這首歌後,可以找回當初的原動力和在白忙的日常中,找到可以讓你透透氣,享受一下的 Happy Hour。
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