Girls with Guitars #10


19-10-19 @ The Hub



We’re delighted to bring back our Girls with Guitars showcases with our 10th Edition, which is also part of our 15th Anniversary Celebrations. These hand-picked bands all have at least one member who is a girl with a guitar. Early bird and advance tickets will go on sale by mid-September.
第十屆Girls with Guitars 既節目終於回歸啦!今次既回歸都係為左慶祝15週年。每一隊精心挑選既樂隊中都一定有至少一位女吉他手。早鳥票和預售票將會係9月中出售,唔好錯過啦!



Whizz, 由主音王雨山, 結他手Moo, 貝斯手Bowie及鼓手Jess於2019年三月尾組成的四人女子樂團。
每位團員都各自有自己不同的演出及音樂經驗,每人也會參與樂團的歌曲製作。Whizz 曾於不同市集、Live House、音樂節及電視台演出。亦有參與各大傳媒的樂隊比賽,獲得奬項。
主打Groovy Pop 的曲風, 希望利用輕快,具節奏性的音樂為大眾說出樂團信念「時間飛逝、活在當下、享受享樂」。

Whizz is band of four girls, YuShan Wong (vocalist), Moo(guitarist), Bowie Ling (bassist) and Jess Leung (drummer)from Hong Kong. They started their band at the end of March, 2019.
Each members has had different experiences in performing music and song writing. Whizz have played in markets, live houses, music festivals and television shows.
Whizz’s music style is mainly Groovy Pop. They wish to use lively and light-hearted music to send out the conviction of the band which is “Time whizzes past, just listen and enjoy yourself”.


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