Girls with Guitars #10


We’re delighted to bring back our Girls with Guitars showcases with our 10th Edition, which is also part of our 15th Anniversary Celebrations. These hand-picked bands all have at least one member who is a girl with a guitar. Advance tickets are now on sale.
第十屆Girls with Guitars 既節目終於回歸啦!今次既回歸都係為左慶祝15週年。每一隊精心挑選既樂隊中都一定有至少一位女吉他手。預售門票現已有售,唔好錯過啦!



Whizz, 由主音王雨山, 結他手Moo, 貝斯手Bowie及鼓手Jess於2019年三月尾組成的四人女子樂團。
每位團員都各自有自己不同的演出及音樂經驗,每人也會參與樂團的歌曲製作。Whizz 曾於不同市集、Live House、音樂節及電視台演出。亦有參與各大傳媒的樂隊比賽,獲得奬項。
主打Groovy Pop 的曲風, 希望利用輕快,具節奏性的音樂為大眾說出樂團信念「時間飛逝、活在當下、享受享樂」。

Whizz is band of four girls, YuShan Wong (vocalist), Moo(guitarist), Bowie Ling (bassist) and Jess Leung (drummer)from Hong Kong. They started their band at the end of March, 2019.
Each members has had different experiences in performing music and song writing. Whizz have played in markets, live houses, music festivals and television shows.
Whizz’s music style is mainly Groovy Pop. They wish to use lively and light-hearted music to send out the conviction of the band which is “Time whizzes past, just listen and enjoy yourself”.

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Winter Bagels

Winter Bagels是一支以acoustic pop為主要風格的女子樂隊。成員Kaki、Cup 都是主音兼結他手。她們同樣在冬天出生,在一個冬季決定為自己加上更精彩的味道,於2016年初組成Winter Bagels。「Everyone is a bagel. 」每個人生而平實簡單,卻可隨個人喜好加上不同調味,以各自的方式細味生活日常,用音樂填補心中的洞。她們主張於生活取材,從微細到遠大的題材逐步發掘更多可能性。 2016年推出首張同名專輯《Winter Bagels》,續8月到東歐街頭賣藝,將其原創廣東歌帶到歐洲,回港後繼續活躍於本地音樂演出,包括:「賽馬會街頭音樂系列」、Freespace Happening、 Musik11、「搶耳音樂廠牌計劃」,等等。
Winter Bagels is an acoustic-pop girl band formed in Jan 2016, Kaki and Cup are both lead vocalist and guitarist. “Everyone is a bagel” : having a heart with simplicity , born to be genuine. Winter-borns decided to form a group in this cold season, using our music to fill up emptiness inside hearts. Enjoy our music like the special toppings on the bagel. In 2016, the duo released their debut EP “Winter Bagels”, bringing their EP to Eastern Europe for summer busking. After the trip, they have continued to participate in local music events actively including Jockey Club Street Music Series, Freespace Happening, Musik11,”Ear Up” record label creation and incubation program, etc.

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Sunset Moth

“…an irresistibly dynamic and original sound.”
“…edgy, understated, vibey, impassioned and melodic.”
“…a musical force of nature…”
-The Underground HK

Jules, Godfrey, Joseph and Kevin are Sunset Moth, an indie outfit with a story to tell. Fronted by UK singer-songwriter Jules O’Brien, Sunset Moth’s explosive love songs, relatable tantrums, and splashes of summery folk-pop have graced numerous great stages and events in Hong Kong since their inception in late 2018 – including the Central Harbourfront for HKTB’s Dragon Boat Festival, Lamma Fun Day, The Aftermath, The Wanch, The Underground HK’s 15th Anniversary at Grappa’s Cellar and H2 Live Music Festival 2019.

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So It Goes

“But she did look back, and I love her for that, because it was so human. So she turned into a pillar of salt. So it goes.” – Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse-Five

So It Goes is formed by pessimistic optimists who find joy in darkness. In Slaughterhouse-Five, the phrase “so it goes” follows every occurrence of death no matter the circumstance. Of course, to look back is human, and humanity, including its darkness, weakness and ugliness, is both fascinating and enduring, but when one is encumbered by the inevitable and tragic vicissitudes of life, there is no choice but to keep going. After all, “for whatever we lose, it is always ourselves we find in the sea.”
Influenced by The XX, The Pixies, Radiohead and Warpaint, the music of So It Goes can be described as indie rock with a dark psychedelic/garage twist. In their songs, So It Goes often explores the insignificance of human existence, the feeling of powerlessness in a mundane society and the idea that everyone is at the mercy of time and change. Their music is made for the sensitive humans who feel like bugs in amber. There is always one in loneliness. If the band can touch one person through their music and let that person know there are other bugs in amber, then they would be truly happy.

So It Goes喜歡在黑暗中尋找樂趣,是由樂觀的悲觀主義者所組成的另類搖滾樂隊。對於人生中很多無可避免的無奈,最後也只能繼續前行,直到找到自己。畢竟人性的黑暗、脆弱和醜惡正是它的迷人之處。受到The XX、The Pixies、Radiohead和Warpaint的影響,So It Goes的樂風較為黑暗、迷幻,成員都希望透過音樂探究寂寞、人的無力以及真實與虛幻間的糢糊界線,而若這樣的音樂能觸動一人,則已足夠。

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