Jobs / Interns 實習生

Are you excited to learn about event production, event management and hands on event running?
Do you love music?   Do you want a chance to use your creative skills?
The Underground is looking for passionate and energetic young individuals to join our internship program.   Currently our office is based in Central.
We offer both unpaid & paid internships depending on your school schedule and length of internship and also if you are looking at being considered for potential future employee position.

1) Event Management Assistant
We are looking for people (musician or singer preferred, but interest in Hong Kong indie music is a must) with skills in these areas, the more the better:

  • Fluency in English, Cantonese AND/OR Mandarin.
  • Computer adequacy, especially Chinese word processing
  • Able to manipulate images in photoshop and/or illustrator
  • Create artwork (eg posters, ads)
  • Background in marketing, media, public relation or sales
  • Ability to write, think and create written articles.
  • Able to use HTML to create and update sites
  • Accept fresh graduate or university student
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Great social skills (friendly)

Please email your CV to us, and include your hobbies, music interests and skills as we like you to work on areas you are interested in, Email:


‎2) Live Sound Engineer Intern
To help setup music equipment at live events and assist sound engineer with mixing bands at Underground events and other events we curate bands for.
Proficiency in Cantonese not necessary, but will be an added advantage. Position is initially unpaid.

Please email your CV to us, and include your hobbies, music interests and skills.


3) Design Intern
Think Laterally. Create Beautifully! There’s much to be done but pretty much most of it is fun!

We’re looking for a creative type who is as much an ideas person as they are a visual and typographic stylist. You will learn a lot. An internship at The Underground, will see you emerge with new skill sets, a fresh way of thinking and creative edge.

  • Proficient with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign
  • Good command of English
  • Proactive and confident in an international environment
  • Ability or desire to have the abiliby to evolve graphics, brand identities, literature and advertising ideas​

Please apply by sending an email to and include 2 – 3 pdf samples of your past work.

4) China Music Media Intern
– Interested in music in Mainland China
– familiar with mainland China social media
– able to write in Simplified Chinese
– enjoys writing in Chinese about music
– willing to travel to mainland China
If this sounds interesting to you, please send resume (CV) and cover letter to

5) New Media Intern, Camera Operator and Video Editor, Underground Channel (HK)
As an production assistant for Underground Channel (HK) of The Underground HK, this role will assist in filming and editing videos for the Hong Kong’s longest running original live music concert organization. Interns will receive one-on-one training by the Channel Director and will have the opportunity to work hands on with the projects run by the channel. They will be given projects that they are expected to work on independently and efficiently reporting back to the Underground Team daily about their progress as well as any new ideas that they have developed.

-Assist the Channel Director in filming, editing and archiving Underground shows
-Conduct interviews and producing short documentaries about local and foreign bands
-Manage and update videos sites (including Tudou and Youku) as per the Director’s instructions
-Promote Underground Channel via websites – forums, social media etc.

-Good command of both written and spoken English and Chinese
-Knowledge of Photoshop, Final Cut Pro and Macintosh is a big plus
-creative, independent, hard-working and willing to work at night time (to film the Underground shows)
-Has his/her own YouTube account.
-Love for independent music is a must.

Interested candidate please send resume and cover letter to

6) Music Writer

We are always looking for creative, passionate writers who want to write about show reviews, CD reviews, or interviews or other writing assignments.
Articles can be in either English or Chinese.

If you would like to contribute then please email us with a little bit about what you’d like to write about and if you have written articles in the past, please provide examples of your work.
Of course, we also want to know more information about you and your musical interests.  Please send emails to with subject “Music Writer Application”

7) Accounting Intern 

We are looking for people with an interest in Hong Kong indie music who can help us with our accounts.

Need good command of English and Cantonese
Able to (or willing to learn) Quickbooks Pro 2013 (in English)
Some experience with bookkeeping & accounts.
Good analytical, communication and interpersonal skills
Strong self-motivation and willingness to learn
Please note: we can also combine this internship with any of the other internships we have.
This is not a full time internship.
Please apply by sending an email to

The Underground 現正歡迎你加入我們的實習生團隊!


1) 活動管理助理


  1. 操流利英語、廣東話及普通話
  2. 懂基本電腦操作及中文輸入法
  3. 使用圖片修改軟件(Adobe Photoshop或Illustrator)
  4. 製作宣傳品(如海報、廣告等)
  5. 具市場策劃、傳媒、公關或銷售經驗
  6. 編撰文章
  7. 編寫HTML代碼創建和更新網頁
  8. 歡迎畢業生或大專生
  9. 彈性上班時間
  10. 待人友善,良好社交技巧


2) 設計實習生



  1. 懂使用Photoshop, Illustrator 及 InDesign
  2. 操流利英語
  3. 能在國際化的環境下主動、自信地工作
  4. 製作圖像、標誌和其他美術品作宣傳活動之用​


3) 中國音樂媒體實習生



4) 新媒體實習生、攝影及錄像剪輯助理

作為 Underground Channel(HK) 的製作助理,工作包括協助錄製和剪輯The Underground舉辦的演出的片段。實習生將獲頻道總監一對一的訓練,並可親身製


  1. 協助頻道總監錄製和剪輯演出片段
  2. 訪問本地或外地樂隊,並拍製簡短記錄片
  3. 管理和更新影片頻道(包括土豆和優酷)
  4. 於論壇、社交平台等宣傳Underground Channel


  1. 流利英語、中文口語溝通和寫作能力
  2. 懂操作Photoshop、Final Cut Pro和Macintosh更佳
  3. 有創意、獨立、勤奮並願意於晚間工作(以拍攝The Underground舉辦的演出)
  4. 擁有自己Youtube Channel
  5. 熱愛獨立音樂


5.   音樂評論人


6. 會計實習生.


懂得(或願意學習) Quickbooks Pro 2013 (英文)
良好分析能力, 溝通和人際技巧
注意: 以實習職位可和其他實習職位合併。

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