Wain Yee

Wain is our director of the Underground Channel (HK). As a passionate filmmaker and documentarian and an indie singer, he is dedicated to creating the largest indie music channel in Hong Kong.”Wain has been filming and editing for more than 7 years already. His works ranging from documentaries, music videos, short films, as well as event and show programmings. His latest feature documentary “Disconnected” captures an mission-impossible of 3 college students living without computers and internet for a month. It was premiered at the 2007 Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival and was very well received; it’s currently available on www.disconnecteddocumentary.com Growing up in the only-karaoke-oriented Canto-pop music in Hong Kong, Wain did not give up listening to and singing this type of music of his mother tongue. And during the times when he was studying abroad in United States and Japan, he learned to combine the band-vocal sound and pop to create his personal style of singing. He has been singing and performing in school events and festivals overseas and is now working closely with The Underground to prepare his debut in Hong Kong.


Wain是The Underground Channel (HK)的總監, 並致力於創造香港最大獨立音樂平台。他在電影方面有多於七年的經驗, 範圍廣至紀錄片, 音樂錄影帶,短片及節目巡迴。他最近的紀錄片”Disconnected”紀錄了三個高中生一個月沒有電腦的子這個「不可能的任務」, 於2007年Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival上放映, 並大獲好評, 有興趣可到www.disconnecteddocumentary.com 觀看。生長於香港這個以「K歌」為重的地方, 他沒有放棄自己的歌唱風格, 在他到美國及日本讀書的時候, 他學會把樂隊主唱的風格和流行曲唱法融合, 成為其獨有的風格。他亦曾到不同的學校和場合演出, 現在與The Underground緊密合作, 為在香港的發展作好準備。

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