Brendan Clift

Bren is a regular reviewer for The Underground and its partner GFM. As a lawyer, publishing consultant and post-grad media student, he’s also a go-to guy for miscellaneous jobs at the U including media releases and documentation for various confidential and world-changing deals brokered by Chris B.

Bren had a past life playing and teaching brass wind until his big brother bullied him into switching to drums. Since then it’s been all rock, mostly varieties of indie and alternative. His past bands in Hong Kong include Teenage Girls, Bank Job and Thinking Out Loud. His bands in Sydney you’ve probably never heard of, but just so you can catch him out if he cites them in his reviews: The Mod Cons, Insipid, The Kubes, Starky, The Breadmen and more.

In addition to music, Bren likes scuba diving and skiing, dogs and cats, a burger and a beer, and girls who play bass.


Bren 於The Underground 及GFM 擔任評論員, 為機構做不同媒體工作如媒體發布。 除了評論員外,他也是一位律師,出版社顧問及媒體碩士生。
早年Bren主力彈奏及教授銅管樂器,後來受到兄長影響, 致力於打鼓。曾經活躍於Teenage Girls, Bank Job 和Thinking Out Loud。除了音樂, 他也喜歡潛水,滑雪等興趣及貓狗,啤酒漢堡彈低音結他的女孩。

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