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Winners of Volkswagen x Underground Battle of the Bands 2017


The inaugural Volkswagen x Underground Battle of the Bands 2017 was held successfully at HangOut, Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong on 27th May 2017. The long process of competing and voting came to an end in an energy-filled, explosive finale.

At the final, seven bands competed for awards for Best Band and People’s Choice awards along with individual awards for Best Drummer, Best Guitarist, Best Keyboardist, Best Bassist and Best Vocalist. 

Cowhead opened up the night with Spanish-flamenco guitars crossed with Bossa Nova and tempo changes that kept the audience on their feet, the only instrumental band of the night, their guitarist Wan Chun Wing won the Best Guitarist award.  Next up was Dusty Bottle a jazz and soul outfit who pulled off a slick, cool performance that netted their bass player Matthew Leung with the Best Bassist award.  Third up were Esimorp with their strong brand of alternative pop rock and songwriting ability satisfy the judges so that they were awarded Best Band and walk home with prizes including recording time, Parsons Music vouchers, and a free shuttle service with a Volkswagen T6 Transporter for their next two gigs. Fourth band performing were LPM who meshed different genres together for an entertaining set and their drummer Pun Tak Hei took home Best Drummer award.  Fifth band were Mockingbird who brought along a set of emo-rock music to the competition.  Sixth band Narcissus surprised the audience by blending synth metal with jazz skiffle and nabbed both the Best Keyboardist and the Best Vocalist awards for the night.  The final band to perform, Wanchai Road played a set of pop rock with their fanclub waving their band name and cheering throughout their set, so it was no surprise that they won People’s Choice Awards that night, which is entirely voted by fans.

The complicated job to pick winners from seven excellent bands rested on the shoulders of a panel of judges, which included Sammy So (KOLOR), Shaun Bowers (Billboard Radio China Director) and Lauren James (SCMP journalist). A list of criteria such as musical ability, interaction with the audience and originality were reviewed before they came up with the final decisions. The audience votes counted for 25% of the votes.

Says Chris B, organiser of The Underground HK, “The competition was a great opportunity for many Hong Kong bands to experience performing in new environments, make new friends and learn more about improving their own performance.  Working with Volkswagen made all of this possible and we look forward to future battles in collaboration with Volkswagen"

Volkswagen x Underground Battle of the Bands 2017得主

第一屆Volkswagen x Underground Battle of the Bands 2017在2017年5月27日蒲吧內成功舉行。經過多個月的比拼和投票,是次比賽終於來到一個活力滿瀉的完美結局。決賽當日有七隊樂隊競遂多個獎項,包括勝出樂隊、最佳人氣獎,以及個人獎項最佳鼓手、最佳結他手、最佳琴鍵手、最佳低音結他手和最佳主音。

率先由Cowhead以西班牙佛朗明哥式結他混合bossa nova打開當晚序幕,為現場觀眾們暖暖場。作為比賽中唯一一隊純音樂樂隊,他們的結他手Wan Chun Wing嬴得了最佳結他手獎。下一隊上場是一隊充滿爵士與騷靈氣色的Dusty Bottle。他們超酷而精湛的演出讓團中的低音結他手Matthew Leung獲得最佳低音結他手獎。第三隊有Esimorp憑著他們魅力四射的另類流行搖滾音樂演奏,還有非凡的創作能力俘虜了評判們的心,令他們取得了勝出樂隊的殊榮,囊括獎品包括錄音時間、柏斯琴行禮券和未來兩次演出由Volkswagen T6 七人房車提供的免費接送服務。第四隊有LPM帶來混合音種以及極富娛樂性的演奏。他們的鼓手Pun Tak Hei 更嬴得了最佳鼓手之個人獎項。隨後第五隊有Mockingbird加入emo-rock元素到比賽之中。第六隊有Narcissus以融合合成金屬和噪音爵士的音韻,為現場觀眾帶來驚喜,更擁攬當晚最佳琴鍵手及最佳主音的獎項。壓軸上場有Wanchai Road為他們帶來的樂迷送上一系列流行搖滾音樂。粉絲們全晚為他們搖旗吶喊,以歡呼叫拍為他們伴奏,不難怪他們捧走當晚全靠票選的最佳人氣大獎。

擔起從七隊傑出樂隊中選拔出優勝隊伍這項複習的責任,就落在一眾評判身上。當中包括Kolor的Sammy So、Billboard Radio China總監Shaun Bowers以及南華早報記者Lauren James。經過各隊的在音樂上的能力、與觀眾交流與原創性等一系列評核之後,終於得出結果,而其中則有25%是由觀眾投票決定的。

The Underground HK創辦人Chris B 更留言說「這個比賽給予香港樂隊一個非常好的機會在新的環境中表演、交朋友,還有改進他們的演出。全憑Volkswagen的支持讓今次的比賽得以成功。我們很期待和Volkswagen於將來一同舉辦更多場比賽。」

IMG_9744.jpg IMG_9810.jpg IMG_9891.jpg IMG_9932.jpg DSC00018.JPG DSC00086.JPG DSC00673.JPG

Volkswagen x The Underground Battle of the Bands 2017 is now underway.
Volkswagen x The Underground Battle of the Bands 2017將陸續開始。

All four semi-finals have taken place and the eight finalists are listed below. At the Final, each band performs for 12 minutes and one song must be an original song. The winning band will win recording time, HK$2000 Parsons Music vouchers and also free shuttle service courtesy of Volkswagen. Purchase your advance ticket now.

Semi-Final Heat One – the two winning bands were Dusty Bottle and LPM.
半準決賽 1 – 兩隊出線樂隊分別為Dusty Bottle 和LPM。

Semi-Final Heat Two – the two winning bands were Esimorp and Wanchai Road
半準決賽 2 – 兩隊出線樂隊分別為Esimorp 和Wanchai Road。

Semi-Final Heat Three – the two winning bands were Narcissus and The Muchell.
半準決賽 3 – 兩隊出線樂隊分別為Narcissus 和The Muchell。

Semi-Final Heat Four – the two winning bands were Mockingbird and Cowhead.
半準決賽 4 – 兩隊出線樂隊分別為Mockingbird 和 Cowhead。​

Two bands from each semi-final will go forward to the Final, which takes place on 27th May 2017 at Hangout, in Sai Wan Ho.

Prizes include recording time with Sammy So (Kolor), Parsons music coupons, free shuttle service with a Volkswagen T6 Transporter for the winning band’s next two gigs.
Video from every band’s performance will also be shared on social media platforms.


獎品包括與KOLOR主音Sammy So一同錄音時間,柏斯琴行現金券及由Volkswagen免費提供T6 Transporter連司機接送其後兩場演出服務。而所有樂隊的演出片段亦會分享於網上社交平台。

Volkswagen Hong Kong has partnered with The Underground to create an exciting new platform giving budding & established musicians the chance to shine in front of live audiences and to develop their musical careers. Volkswagen and The Underground Battle of the Bands are looking to discover the very brightest and most original musical talents in Hong Kong.

Volkswagen has long been committed to providing the finest automotive products and services to customers who value accessible German engineering with innovative technologies. Volkswagen’s history as an emblem of the counter culture and out of the box thinking is even longer. This is the reason why this partnership has been created as part of a commitment to support alternative creativity in Hong Kong.

The Underground was founded in 2004 to encourage original music in Hong Kong, by creating live music showcase events for bands. Since then, The Underground has hosted over 250 events and sent 6 bands to Canada, 2 bands to London, UK and 1 band to Malaysia.

Volkswagen x The Underground Battle of the Bands will start on 18th of February 2017 with the first of four semi-final heats. The remaining three will take place on, 4th & 25th March and 22nd April, with the The Grand Final on 27 May. Prizes include recording time with Sammy So (Kolor), Parsons coupons, free shuttle service with a Volkswagen T6 Transporter for the winning band’s next two gigs. Video from every band’s performance will also be shared on social media platforms.

To enter, all bands need to do is to submit an entry form along with an .mp3 recording of a track representing their talents. The competition is open to any musicians and bands currently residing in Hong Kong who are over 18 years old.

Volkswagen Hong Kong 與The Underground合作, 為新晉與資深樂隊及樂手製造一個刺激嶄新的表演平台,讓他們發揮音樂所長並提供更多現場演出機會。這個由Volkswagen 聯同The Underground 合辦的Battle of the Bands,旨在為香港發掘出色和致力原創音樂的人才。

Volkswagen 一直致力為欣賞德國工藝及嶄新科技的客戶提供優質的產品及服務。Volkswagen一直支持突破思維及創意 ,因此這次合作希望為支持香港發展另類創意出一分力 。

The Underground 創立於2004年, 藉著替樂隊舉辦現場音樂表演,推動香港本地原創音樂。自成立以來,The Underground已舉辦超過250場表演活動,經過參與The Underground的活動,6隊樂隊被The Underground送到加拿大演出、2隊去了英國倫敦,和一隊去了馬來西亞。

Volkswagen x The Underground的 Battle of the Bands 四場半準決賽首場將於2017年2月18日舉行 。其餘三場則分別於3月4日、25日及4月22日舉行, 並於5月27日進行總決賽。 獎品包括與KOLOR樂隊的Sammy So 一同錄音,柏斯琴行現金券及獲勝樂隊可於未來2次演出時享有Volkswagen T6 Transporter專車連司機接送服務。而所有樂隊的演出片段亦會分享到網上社交平台。


Sign up now to enter this great competition, deadline is 31st January 2017.
報名截止日期為2017年1月31日,立即行動參與Battle of the Bands!

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