Professional working band, hard glam rock/rock pop band, with several top hit successes in London UK, was “split” in Hong Kong.

All original top single songs ready to gig.
3 albums and 10 videos out since 2012.
4 songs in top UK chart right now.
2 video working in MTVUK, KERRANG TV, and so more.

So now we are searching for a new angry rock drummer, pushing hard, with great professional stage look (‘80s make up and glam/punk/rock dress style).

>> We have an artistic producer contract in London UK.
>> We have a promoter contract here in Hong Kong.
>> We have all songs ready to go.

As we’ll have the new drummer we’ll get:
– professional pictures;
– new video for new song;
– website launch.

Please send us your video links and pictures here asap: https://www.facebook.com/saveblackjack.london

Last 2019 videos:

Some album’s songs: https://soundcloud.com/user-650188511

See you rock soon…

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