FOR SALE: guitar pedals & power supplies

FOR SALE: I have a bunch of guitar pedals and power supplies for sale if anyone is interested. Here’s a list. Please read the description carefully if interested in any of the items, not to cause misunderstanding.

NOTE: I don’t really know the going rates for these, especially in HK, since most of them are not available here, some are not available at all and I don’t really pay attention to guitar gear anymore either, so I settled on prices I would consider at least reasonable to get a quick sale and that I would be satisfied with taking. Sorry, I don’t have a photo of them all because some are not with me here, they’re at the studio I usually rehearse at. I photo’d the ones that are next to me right now.

1) 2 Vox V848 Clyde McCoy wah’s for sale. The V848 is true bypass and is better than the standard typical Vox V847. It is NOT the same as a regular Vox V847 wah. Pretty heavily used. The rubber legs have been removed from one of them. I will let them go for 1500 each or 2500 if you take both at once. First come, first serve to get the one with rubber legs. I could be mistaken, but I don’t think it is possible to get hold of the V848 nowadays, at least not easily.

2) A pretty rare Morley Stereo Volume & Chorus pedal. It is no longer possible to get hold of one of these nowadays. I would take 1800 for that.

3) And an Electro Harmonix Stereo Memory Man w/ Hazarai super interesting delay and modulation pedal. I’ll take 1800 for that.

4) Two custom made fuzzes that are based on a DAM Drag N Fly although they’re kinda different from one. They have 7 LEDs in the shape of the big dipper. Hahah. Since they are non branded I will accept a low price for them. They were built in England. I will take 800 each for those, or 1500 if you take both.

5) Korg Pitchblack Tuner. I guess 400 bucks is OK for that.

6) Two Cioks Schizophrenic Link isolated, multi-voltage power supplies. These are some of the best power supplies on the planet. One is brand new, the other is opened only to test, so virtually new. I’ll take 1250 each for those (first come, first serve to get the new one) or 2200 for both at the same time.

7) Roger Mayer Vision Octavia. This is a boutique octave-fuzz pedal made by the dude that used to do Hendrix’s pedals and used to be one of his roadies in the old days. It is superior to the Roger Mayer Rocket Octavia and pretty much any other Octavia rip-off out there. These are not available in HK. NOTE: The drive knob is broken. The actual knob is physically broken off (happened in transit), so a replacement needs sticking on in order to be able to use / turn it. But once that is done it will work perfectly again. As far as I can remember, this pedal is usually extremely expensive if you can even find one. I’ll take 2500 HKD for this.

8) Toadworks Meat Fat Boost. (Meat Jr). This is an awesome little boost pedal that has a regular boost mode and a fat boost mode. I am actually not sure if I will sell this because I really like it a lot and it is more useful to me than other pedals (I am not much of an effects guy. My setup is always super simple, hence the reason I am selling all this stuff because I can’t afford to keep things I don’t need. Anyway this pedal is no longer in production. I have no idea what it’s worth now anywhere, let alone HK. I am OK to take 1000 bucks for this. I am not in a hurry to sell it and may decide I don’t want to.

9) MXR Super Badass Distortion. Pretty standard common pedal. Nothing rare or special about it, but a great compact distortion pedal from a decent company. I’ll take 800 for this. Not sure about selling this one though, so again, I am in no rush.

10) MXR Six Band EQ. Pretty standard common pedal. Nothing rare or special about it, but a great compact EQ pedal from a decent company. I’ll take 800 for this, although again, this is one I am not sure about selling. So once more, no rush for this.

PS – Feel free to make me an offer for any combinations of items you want.

PPS – Highly unlikely, but if anyone is willing to take the whole lot at once, I am willing to do a super-deal.

Collection from Kwai Hing or possibly Mong Kok, depending on time and day.

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