Open-minded guitarist/songwriter looking to jam

I’m a guitarist, songwriter and sometimes singer who is looking for musicians to jam with. Starting or joining a band would be awesome, but I’m equally happy to casually jam and see where things go. It’s the journey not the destination, and I’m in no hurry to get there.

This road strip’s soundtrack? I’m relatively open-minded on genre – rock, indie, blues, soul/R&B, punk, alternative… – no metal though. I play a Tele and don’t shred. Something acoustic would also be cool.

Skills-wise, I’m a proficient intermediate player who has gigged with more than a dozen acts – playing everything from hard rock and acoustic singer-songwriter stuff to reggae and funk – I’d love to play jazz, but am more I-IV-V than II-V-I. I solo with relish, but am no guitar hero.

Really, I want to hear from you, what you want to play and what you play it on, and we’ll see if we can figure something out. It would be great to hear from any singer-songwriters out there looking for back-up or a second creative voice, or rhythm players wanting to start from the groove upwards – or even existing bands with a sonic slot to fill.
I’m all ears.

Whatsapp Rob on 62245337 or email

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