Possible projects, looking to record

I’m a multi-instrumentalist with 10+ years experience on the guitar and bass and about a year’s on the drums. In terms of gear, however, I only have guitar equipment. I would be interested in playing any one of these instruments with 2 other like-minded musicians with the intent of rapidly recording an album/EP. I recorded my previous EP over the course of 2 days on an iPad, while getting violently drunk during the recording sesions. You can check out this EP at orangutans.bandcamp.com. I am not married to this style of music though.

I don’t want to shoehorn this potential project into a particular genre so I will just list some of my musical influences below:

Khruangbin, Fugazi, Fela Kuti, The Stooges, Fleet Foxes, Sleep, Black Sabbath, Funkadelic, Big Black, Neil Young, Badbadnotgood

Please 831852@tutanota.de me if you are interested in some creative destruction

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