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Thanks to everyone who attended Summer Festival! 多謝大家出席夏季音樂節!


It was an awesome night. Thanks to all the wonderful bands that performed: Another Kitchen, Adrian Fu, David Boring, NinetyNine Floor, Jo! Fantasista, Peri M, Bamboo Star & Jatbunsing.
And of course to our surprise guest Jun Kung. Attic turned out to be a fantastic venue to host this first Summer Festival. We will be doing more festivals there in the future, for sure.

有著這多麼精彩一夜,我們要感謝所有演出的樂隊: Another Kitchen, 符致逸 Adrian Fu, David Boring, NinetyNine Floor, Jo! Fantasista, Peri M, Bamboo Star一般性 Jatbunsing
除此之外, 我們當然還要感謝當晚特別表演嘉賓恭碩良Jun Kung。Attic亦為夏季音樂節化身成一個超棒的場地。可以肯定的是, 我們將會在未來舉辦更多的音樂節!


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    Sorry to hear of Gary’s passing. 很遺憾聽到Gary離世的消息


    The Underground is shocked and saddened to hear of Gary’s passing. From the moment he played at The Underground as drummer for SIQ, we knew he was special. He went on to found re:spect magazine (with Jesper) and then moved onto band management helping bands such as ChoChukMo and Supper Moment, get true recognition and was a key player in building up the live music scene in Hong Kong. We will miss him very much.
    The Underground對於Gary離世的消息感到十分震驚、難過。由他於The Underground作為SIQ的鼓手演出的那一刻起,我們就知道他是一個特別的音樂人。他接著與Jesper創立re:spect magazine雜誌,然後進行樂隊管理,幫助過觸執毛、Supper Moment等樂隊走上軌道,獲得大家的認同,是發展香港樂壇重要的一員。我們會永遠懷念他。


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      Subscribe to our newsletter. 請訂閱我們的電子報


      The secret is out! The Underground sends out (via email) a newsletter, every two weeks with a huge gig guide for Hong Kong. Sign up now, it’s free. Sometimes we even give away tickets to some shows.
      號外!The Underground 將會每兩星期以電郵方式送出電子報,其中包括一個兩星期的香港音樂會指南。我們的電子報是完全免費的,請即訂閱!有時我們會送出免費的音樂會門票。


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        Summer Festival is today! 今天就是夏日音樂節!


        We still have advance tickets left for the show, until 4pm today. Grab them now at the great price of HK$100. Not only does that include a drink, it also gives you a chance at the lucky draw to win great prizes for yourself and your friends!
        See you at ATTIC tonight!

        Summer Festival bands _web

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          Our Summer Festival is this Saturday. The Underground夏季音樂節係今個星期六啦!


          Our very first Summer Festival is coming and coming soon! This Saturday, swing over to Attic in Ngau Tau Kok and celebrate the Summer and 12 years of The Underground with us!
          From 6:00pm to12:30 am, 6 hours of non-stop music and nine bands playing will be for HK$100 only with one drink included! Walk-in is still only HK$150. Don’t miss the lucky draw at the festival as you may find yourself winning some cool prizes! SEE you there!
          我們初個的夏季音樂節即將舉行! 今個星期六,一齊去牛頭角既Attic慶祝The Underground成立12週年,同我地享受下今個夏天啦! 音樂6點開始至凌晨12點半,由九隊樂隊接力演出六小時無間斷既音樂, 預售都係100蚊,仲包埋一杯飲品添!而即日門票亦都係150蚊。記得唔好錯過我們當日既幸運抽獎,聽眾將會有機會去嬴取精美禮品! 到時見!。


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            Shotgun Politics replaced by Jo! Fantasista at Summer Festival this Saturday. Jo! Fantasista 將會於今個星期六的音樂夏日節取代 Shotgun Politics


            On what would have been Shotgun Politics 9th appearance at the Underground this Saturday, instead, they will be pulling out after Freddy Gunn (drummer) was wrestling a bear in Gävleborg, who stole a kind granny’s purse and as a result has sustained injuries which ruled them impossible to appear at the event this Saturday. They will be replaced by Jo! Fantasista who play rock.

            由於鼓手Freddy Gunn在瑞典的耶夫勒堡跟一隻偷了一位婆婆手袋的熊搏鬥,身受重傷,令Shotgun Politics無法出席今個星期六的活動,出場順位排第九的Shotgun Politics將會由玩搖滾的Jo! Fantasista取替。


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              Heavy #15 is tonight. Heavy #15係今晚啦!


              Put on your Dr Martens boots, grab your heaviest band Tshirt and swing over to Orange Peel for
              a night of Heavy HEAVY music. 8:30pm doors open. Four bands, all for only HK$90. Which
              includes one drink! Advance tickets stop selling at 5pm. Walk-in is only HK$120. See you later.
              記得著返對Dr. Martens, 配返件Rock T 黎到Orange Peel參與最HEAVY的音樂陣容!音樂8點半開始。睇齊4隊樂隊都係90蚊咋!包括一杯飲品添!預售門票將於5點停售。即日門票都係120蚊!到時見!

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                We have a cool new Tshirt in our store. 我們的禮品店有我們最新的T裇發售。


                Tired of being mainstream? Check out our new tee and show your support to Hong Kong indie music!
                Limited edition, 100% cotton, 100% original. Buy it NOW before it is gone!
                想在平凡中帶出一點不平凡?快 d 上網睇下我地最新推出既限量版 T 恤黎 show 下你對香港獨立音樂既支持啦!限量版黎
                架,100% 純棉,100% 原創。手快有手慢無架,仲唔快 d 買?


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                  Heavy #15 this Thursday! Heavy #15 係今個星期四啦!


                  Have you got your tickets ready for the mosh-fest that is happening this Thursday!
                  We’ve got some of the heaviest bands in HK for a night of music at Orange Peel. 8:30pm start.
                  Advance tickets stop selling at 5pm. Grab them now, the advance ticket includes a drink!
                  你地買左今個星期四Heavy 15嘅飛未丫?今次將會係一個heavy集中營!有齊哂香港最重形最金屬嘅樂隊躋身於Orange


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                    Want your band’s new EP or CD reviewed by The Underground? 想我們 The Underground 為你的樂隊寫唱片評論?


                    Recently we reviewed Colin Phils new album as well as 謊言學​ ​by The Bright Lights​. If your band has a new EP or CD coming out, or have released one in 2016, get in touch with us now and we’ll do our best to get it reviewed. Hong Kong bands have priority over International bands.

                    現時我們為Colin Phils 的唱片《謊言學》寫了一個樂評。如果你的樂隊正在發佈新的專輯,或在 2016 年已經發佈了新專輯,請即和我們聯絡,我們會盡我們所能去為該專輯編寫樂評。本港樂隊會比國際樂隊優先。


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                                Want someone to deal with making your band’s Tshirts? 問有人幫你處理訂製Band Tee的問題嗎?


                                A ​few months ago, our good friends Erkonauts (a band from Switzerland) asked us to make them 75 Tshirts to take on a China x Japan tour. If you need some T-shirts, The Underground can help you too. Contact us for more details.
                                數月前, 一隊來自瑞士的友好樂隊Erkonauts剛委託我們為他製作75件Band T恤, 以應付他們在中國和日本的巡迴表演。
                                如果你的樂隊都需要自己的Band T恤, The Underground 亦可幫你製作。請聯絡我們取得詳情。

                                Erkonauts_Tee_web ERkonauts_TSHIRT1
                                ERkonauts_TSHIRT2 Erkonauts_VISUAL_TSHIRT
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                                    PLANETROX CHINA FINAL 2016 中國區總決賽 2016


                                    It’s this Saturday and for the audience it promises a fast-paced 200% performances from the five finalists of 2016 Planetrox China. Each band plays 20 minutes and you, the public, gets to vote for your favourite band. Come see which Hong Kong band wins first place and flies to Canada! Last year’s winners Bamboo Star will also play a guest slot whilst the votes are being counted. Advance tickets are only HK$90 each and are available online. Sales will stop at 3pm on Saturday 11 June.
                                    係今但星期六啦!大家凖備好以200%嘅力量迎接新一代嘅音樂新聲 啦!Planetrox中國2016會有5隊前精彩樂隊每隊20分鐘表演時間再由 觀眾們投選佢地最鐘意嘅一隊!大家到時黎目擊邊一隊可以贏取去加
                                    拿大演出機會!2015年冠軍Bamboo Star當晚亦會出席當表演嘉賓! 預售門票之需港幣90元,網上門票將會於星期六6月11號下午3點停售


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                                        Guest band at this year’s Planetrox China Final 2016 Planetrox中國總決賽2016特別嘉賓


                                        We’re so happy that Bamboo Star will be performing a set at Hang Out on 11 June. They won the competition in 2015 and enjoyed an amazing time in Canada, playing on a major festival stage and got to hang out with North American bands. Come along to this year’s final to see what a winning band is made of.
                                        我地好開心Bamboo Star 將會喺6月11號蒲吧!內演出!佢地上年勇奪2015年Planetrox 中國冠軍,喺加拿大一個國際性音樂 節內演出及交流!一齊黎見識下冠軍級人馬嘅風範啦!


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                                          Tonight is Heavy 14 今晚就係Heavy 14


                                          Doors open at Orange Peel tonight at 8pm and music starts by 830pm, come and let your inner mosher out.
                                          Advance tickets will be on sale (online until 6pm) and at Orange Peel till 8pm. HK$90 which includes a Jack Daniels Cola.
                                          Orange Peel今晚會8點鐘開始8點半音樂開始,一齊黎盡情享受 D heavy音樂!
                                          網上預售票至下午6點停售,Orange Peel至晚上8點停售。港幤90元包一支Jack Daniels Cola


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                                            Omicron’s final show in Hong Kong Omicron於香港的最後一埸演出


                                            For those of you who are fans of progressive rock metal, the news floating around town is that Omicron’s appearance
                                            tomorrow night at Heavy #14 will be Omicron’s final show in Hong Kong. This is unfortunately true. Come down and catch their last ever set in HK at Orange Peel tomorrow night. Omicron are the headliners.
                                            Progressive rock metal的支持者們,有關Omicron在明天的Heavy #14將會是他們在香港的最後一埸演出,的確如此。星期四 記得黎Orange Peel睇下佢地最後一場演出啦!Omicron將以headliner姿態出現!

                                            Omicron w logo

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