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Tonight is The Underground’s 13 Year anniversary party. 今晚就係我地The Underground 13週年派對啦


TONIGHT is the NIGHT!! Celebrating 13 years of hosting live music events in Hong Kong! Come along to see some great Hong Kong bands and enjoy some Jack Daniels Cola! Online advance tickets (only HK$110) stop selling at 5pm and then it’s HK$150 walk-in from 9:30pm onwards. All tickets include a drink. See you later!
就係今晚啦﹗﹗慶祝我地喺香港搞現場拉闊音樂第13年﹗一齊黎聽聽香港音樂同嘆下Jack Daniels Cola啦﹗網上優先飛 (只售港幣110) 到今晚五點鐘就停售,到時九點半後即場票價賣港幣150元。所有飛都包一杯野飲架。今晚見﹗

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Tomorrow is The Underground’s 13 Year anniversary party. 聽日就係The Underground 13週年派對


The Underground team and the participating bands are all super excited about tomorrow night’s event. You’re going to be able to watch some great bands, drink Jack Daniels Cola and have a chance of winning prizes from our wonderful sponsors including Hotel Icon and Feel Good Factor. There are still some advance tickets left for only HK$110 each (includes a drink!) See you tomorrow 9:30pm onwards at Orange Peel.

The Underground嘅團隊同所有會到場嘅樂隊都好期待聽晚嘅派對﹗至於你地就可以睇下音樂,飲下Jack Daniels Cola,仲隨時有機會嬴走我地好正嘅贊助禮券包括有唯港薈二人自助餐同Feel Good Factor美容療程。仲有少量優先飛淨,只係賣每位港幣110 。(仲包一杯野飲添﹗) 聽日九點半後Orange Peel見。

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Win a buffet lunch for 2 persons at The Market in Hotel Icon! 嬴取唯港薈The Market雙人下午自助餐﹗


We’re so stoked to announce that we’ve got a great prize of lunch for two at The Market in Hotel Icon to giveaway at our lucky draw on 29th April at our 13th Anniversary Party!
Grab your advance tickets now – only HK$110 including a drink!
我們好高興向各位宣布4月29日十三週年派對當晚抽獎環節的大獎是唯港薈The Market雙人下午自助餐﹗現在買優先門票價值港幣110元包送特飲一杯﹗

One of Hong Kong’s most renowned and popular restaurants, Hotel ICON The Market’s open kitchens serve the world on a plate through a buffet of Pan-Asian and International classics from antipasti to laksas, curries to grilled meat, all freshly prepared by chefs who come from their respective countries.
香港最為出名和受歡迎的餐廳之一,The Market的開放式廚房將世界奉於餐盤之上。集合全球經典美饌的自助餐,為客人提供多元化的國際美食,從特色小吃到叻沙以至烤牛肉等樣樣俱全。

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Planetrox China 2017 has launched. Planetrox中國區2017已經推出


What do Noughts & Exes, WonderGarl, Bamboo Star, Shotgun Politics and Sugar Bro have in common? If you guessed that they were all former winners of Planetrox China, you’re right! These amazing bands from Hong Kong won the Planetrox music competition and got to play at the Envol et Macadam music festival in Canada. If you want to be the next band to play at the esteemed festival, sign up now at (select China on the left) – all you need is your best original song, along with a video!

你知唔知Noughts & Exes、神奇膠, Bamboo Star, Shotgun Politics同埋Sugar Bro有咩共通點?就係佢地都贏過Planetrox音樂比賽!佢地以前都參加過Planetrox,勝出之後仲去咗加拿大既Envol et Macadam音樂節演出添。如果你都想好似佢地咁,,就去 報名啦 (左邊揀中國)!你只需要一首原創歌曲以及一段短片就可以參加啦!

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Win a Sideways simulated car-racing package for 2 persons! 嬴取Sideways 雙人模擬賽車套票﹗


Thanks so much to Sideways for providing us a one-hour car racing package for 2 persons at their Central venue. It’s the only place where you can legally drink and drive!
Grab your advance tickets now – only HK$110 including a drink and a chance to win this prize or one of the other prizes we have that night.
非常感謝Sideways提供位處他們中環分店的一小時雙人模擬賽車套票。這可是唯一可以一邊飲酒一邊駕駛的體驗﹗ 現在買優先門票價值港幣110元,屆時即送特飲一杯及獲得嬴走賽車體驗或其他獎品的抽獎機會。

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Win a Swedish Massage and a pedicure from Feel Good Factor! 嬴取Feel Good Factor瑞典式按療及修腳療程﹗


Thanks to Feel Good Factor for providing an amazing prize of a relaxing Swedish Massage and a pedicure for one lucky winner attending our 13th Anniversary Party on 29th April.
Grab your advance tickets now – all tickets include one lucky draw chance as well as a drink.
感謝Feel Good Factor提供(單人)瑞典式按療及修腳療程作4月29日十三週年派對當晚抽獎禮品之一。 現在買優先門票價值港幣110元即可獲得抽獎機會並送特飲一杯﹗

“The Feel Good Factor is Hong Kong Hippest Day Spa, where you can feel good about yourself with any of our special treatments – Facial, Massage, Waxing, Threading, Spray tanning, Scrubs, Hair Reduction and all nail services. Located in Central at the junction of Wyndham St., and Hollywood Road, they are open 7-days a week and their staff speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Nepalese and Vietnamese. When you have time drop in and see them and leave having that Feel Good Factor.”
The Feel Good Factor 是香港流行的日間水療中心,讓你可以享受各項獨特的護理療程,包括美容、按摩、蜜蠟脫毛、線面、仿曬噴霧、磨沙、彩光脫毛護理及所有美甲服務。位置於中環雲咸道與荷里活道交界,我們一星期七日為你提供服務。我們的員工精通各國語言例如英文、普通話、廣東話、尼泊爾話及越南話。有時間就來享受一下,為你的生活增添Feel Good Factor。

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The Volkswagen x Underground Battle of the Bands Semi Final 4 is tonight. 今晚就係Volkswagen x Underground Battle of the Bands半準決賽4。


Tonight is the last Semi Final to happen in the Volkswagen x Underground Battle of the Bands 2017 competition. Out of 7 bands, 2 bands will move forward to the final. Each band performs for 8 minutes only so it’s fast paced action. Grab your advance tickets now – only HK$70 each. For sale until 5pm, then it’s HK$100 walk-in price. Bring your friends and some drinks and enjoy live music in one of the most comfortable venues in Hong Kong (VoV Space, 9/F, E-Trade Plaza, 24 Lee Chun St, Chai Wan). See you later!
今晚就是最後一場Volkswagen x Underground Battle of the Bands 2017 半準決賽。7隊樂隊之中會有2隊進入決賽。每隊只有8分鐘時間表演,精彩利落。現購優先門票只售港幣70元正。優先門票開售至下午5點,隨後售即場票價每位港幣100元。
帶同你的同伴和酒水,到香港其中一個最舒適最正的場地 (柴灣VoV Space-香港柴灣利眾街24號東貿廣場9樓)一同欣賞拉闊音樂。今晚見﹗

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