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Tonight is Volkswagen x Underground Battle of the Bands Finals! 今晚就係Volkswagen x Underground Battle of the Bands決賽啦﹗


The wait is over! Tonight is the night where our seven finalists will battle it out at the Volkswagen x Underground Battle of the Bands! Wanna find out which band is going to be the overall champion and take home an amazing line-up of prizes including free rock star shuttle service from Volkswagen? Come out and join us at the Hang Out for a night of adrenaline-pumping and spell-binding sets of live music! Advance ticket sales are over and walk-in is available for only HK$100.

唔使再等啦﹗今晚就係我地七隊Volkswagen x Underground Battle of the Bands決賽樂隊一決高下嘅時侯﹗想知道到底邊隊band會成為大嬴家橫掃所有獎品包括Volkswagen免費搖滾巨星級嘅接送服務﹖ 一齊黎蒲吧享受一晚令你high爆嘅拉闊音樂啦﹗優先飛已經賣晒啦,即場都只不過係港幣100蚊。

Crowd support in the semi-finals was overwhelming, so we’re excited to offer a “People’s Choice” award – entirely voted for by fans on the final night.

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Tomorrow is Volkswagen x Underground Battle of the Bands Finals!​ 聽晚就係Volkswagen x Underground Battle of the Bands決賽啦!


Just less than 24 hours to go! All the bands are bubbling with excitement as they are about to bring their ‘A’ game to the Volkswagen x Underground Battle of the Bands. Finals tomorrow night at the Hangout in San Wan Ho! There are still some tickets left, only HK$70 – grab them now.
仲有唔夠24個鐘咋﹗所有樂隊都已經躍躍欲試,期待喺Volkswagen x Underground Battle of the Bands決賽入面帶黎突破性超水準演出。聽晚決賽就喺西灣河蒲吧舉行﹗仲剩返少少飛賣咋,只係港幣70,即刻撲飛啦

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Time to vote for your favourite semi-finalist in the Planetrox China 2017 係時侯為你嘅心水Planetrox中國區2017入圍樂隊投下神聖一票


They need your vote to help them win a festival slot in Canada! Go to then choose “Semi-Finalist Videos” on the left hand side. VOTING ENDS 6 JUNE 2017.
Family, fans and friends can vote for one band, once a day. They need to create an account and confirm their vote in their emails after voting. Planetrox verify the votes often and cheating bands will be disqualified.
佢地好需要你地嘅投票支持去嬴得到加拿大演出嘅機會﹗去 然後到左邊選擇 ”Semi-Finalist Videos”。投票截止日期直至2017年6月6號。

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This Saturday is Volkswagen x Underground Battle of the Bands Finals!​ 今個星期六就係Volswagen x Underground Battle of the Bands決賽啦!


Get ready for a night to remember, as seven of the most sought-after bands in Hong Kong, (Cowhead, Dusty Bottle, Esimorp, LPM, Mockingbird, Narcissus & Wanchai Road), will all be sweating about this Saturday’s performances at the Hang Out, where they will be competing to win some amazing prizes including recording time in a studio & two rock n roll Volkswagen shuttle trips! And guess what? Audience votes counts for 25 % of the votes. So come down and participate in our music bonanza this Saturday at the Hang Out! Advance tickets, only HK$70.
準備迎接難忘一夜,睇盡香港七隊最多受歡迎嘅樂隊 (Cowhead, Dusty Bottle, Esimorp, LPM, Mockingbird, Narcissus水仙樂團 & Wanchai Road)出盡全力喺今個星期六蒲吧爭奪冠軍獎品,其中包括錄音室灌錄時間同埋兩次由Volkswagen提供嘅接送服務﹗仲有啊,觀眾嘅投票比重係佔成25%架。所以記得今個星期六黎蒲吧參與呢個音樂盛典啦﹗優先飛只係港幣70咋

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Rustic #2 is happening tonight. 今晚就係Rustic #2


We’re all super excited about hosting our second event at Morrison Cafe & Bar tonight. Come along for some of the finest folk & country music happening in Hong Kong. Doors open at 8pm and some advance tickets still available online (until 5pm tonight).
我地好高興今晚可以到Morrison Café & Bar搞第二場嘅活動。一齊黎欣賞一下香港最正嘅民歌同鄉村音樂。八點開始入場,網上仲有優先飛賣 (賣到今晚五點)。

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Tomorrow is Rustic #2 聽日就係Rustic #2!


The Underground team and the participating bands are all super excited about tomorrow night’s event. You’re going to be able to watch some great bands and sip your Jack Daniels Cola all in the amazingly hospitable Morrison Cafe. There are still some advance tickets left for only HK$110 each (includes a drink!) See you tomorrow 8pm onwards.
The Underground團隊同表演樂隊都非常期待住聽晚嘅表演! 而你地就可以喺Morrison Cafe一邊嘆Jack Daniels Cola ,一邊觀賞樂隊音樂。仲有少少優先飛賣,只係每人港幣110。 (仲包一杯野飲!) 聽日八點後見!

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Next week is Volkswagen x Underground Battle of the Bands Finals! 下星期就係Volkswagen x Underground Battle of the Bands決賽啦!


Drumroll please (literally)…Seven bands are practising hard and gearing up for their 12 minutes of fame and adrenaline rush next Saturday at the Hang Out. If you love live music and want to find out who is going to take home the amazing line-up of prizes, come join us at the Hang Out next Saturday and you’re guaranteed to be in for a ride! Advance tickets only HK$70.

(鼓聲) 咚咚咚咚咚…七隊決賽樂隊已經密鑼緊鼓為佢地下星期六喺蒲吧嘅舞台上果12分鐘嘅光榮同刺激好好練習同準備。如果你鐘意拉闊音樂又想知邊隊band會成為大嬴家橫掃所有獎品,就要下星期六黎蒲吧,包保你睇得盡興﹗優先飛只售港幣70蚊

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Our second folk & country showcase (Rustic #2) is happening this Saturday. 今個星期六就係我地第二場民謠鄉村音樂夜 (Rustic #2)


For lovers of folk music, this Saturday’s showcase will be a treat for you! Starting at 8pm at Morrison Cafe & Bar, which is a lovely setting for this rustic event. Grab your advance tickets before they sell out. Only HK$110 and includes a drink.
致所有民歌愛好者,今個星期六嘅表演有好野益你地﹗演出由晚上八點喺Morrisons Café & Bar一個同Rustic 音樂系列好夾嘅場地開始。趁優先飛仲未賣晒之前就好撲定飛啦。每人只需港幣110仲包埋一杯野飲添。

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