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我地每兩個星期就會提供本地獨立音樂資訊比大家,今個星期四又有啦!快 D 黎登記 Subscribe 我地既 Newsletter 以獲取更多香港獨立音樂的資訊啦!

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Are you a subscriber? 你 Subscribe 左未?


Which gigs are on this weekend? Use the handy gig guide in The Underground newsletter which is sent out every two weeks, to stay on top of gigs happening in Hong Kong.
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今個星期有咩獨立音樂活動?留意 The Underground 每隔兩個星期就發送一次既 Newsletter, 你就會知道更多本地獨立音樂的活動啦!
快 D 登記啦!

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Heavy 19 videos are now online! Heavy 19 既影片上線啦!


Were you at our Heavy 19 show in March? Do you want to relive the awesome bands that performed that night? let go your hair and head bang along to ShadowEscape, Loud Shaft, Dagger and Human Betrayer.
三月既Heavy 19 你在場嗎?你想重溫當晚既片段嗎?快 D 一齊重溫當晚 ShadowEscape, Loud Shaft, Dagger 同 Human Betrayer 帶來既精彩表演啦!

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Tomorrow is Underground Rocks! 聽日就係Undergorund 的搖滾之夜啦!


The Underground team and all the participating bands are all super excited about tomorrow night’s event. You’re going to be able to watch some great bands and have a chance of winning Polaroid headphones. There are still some advance tickets left for only HK$150 each (includes a drink!) See you tomorrow 8:30pm onwards at The Hub in Wanchai!
The Underground team同埋所有參與既樂隊都好期待聽晚的演出!你將會有機會睇到樂隊們的精湛演出,甚至有機會贏取 Polaroid 耳機!而家得番少量預售門票咋!每張門票$150,仲包括一杯飲品!聽晚 8 點半係灣仔既The Hub見啦!

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A night of rock 搖滾之夜!


Join Cry!Romeo, Diamond 6, BLISS & The Ryans as they change your perception of rock music on Saturday 13th October. The Hub is super convenient to get to. Tickets are only HK$150 each and includes a drink, as well as a chance to win some Polaroid headphones in our lucky draw!b (no credit card? NO problem! Grab your advance ticket from the Hub directly!)
十月十三號既晚上一齊黎 The Hub 欣賞 Cry!Romeo, Diamond 6, BLISS 同 The Ryans 既搖滾演出啦!佢地精彩的演出可能會改變你對搖滾的看法呢!The Hub 位處灣仔,交通方便!門票現售 $150 元,同時包括飲品、以及在抽獎當中贏取 Polaroid 耳機的機會呢! ( 冇信用卡怕買唔到飛?唔緊要!你可以直接前往 The Hub 的實體售票處買飛!)

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