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​We interviewed Loudshaft 我哋訪問咗Loudshaft呀


​What does Loud Shaft have in common with Bamboo Star, NastyDudes, Wonder Garl, Sugar Bro and Shotgun Politics?
Well, Loud Shaft won Planetrox China Final this year and get to do the whole rock n roll experience of gigging in North America.
Read our interview with them before they make that trip.

​​​究竟Loud Shaft 同 Bamboo Star, NastyDudes, 神奇膠, Sugar Bro and Shotgun Politics 有咩關係?咪就係Loud Shaft 贏咗Planetrox 中國區冠軍,佢哋有得飛去北美表演佢哋嘅搖滾樂呀。

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Lan Kwai Fong Beer & Music festival happening this weekend. 今個週末有 Lan Kwai Fong Beer & Music festival 2018!


We’re super excited about the Lan Kwai Fong Beer & Music Festival happening this weekend (21st & 22nd July) at the Amphitheatre by Wo On Lane. We’ve curated a bunch of amazing Hong Kong bands and they will be appearing over the two days with genres ranging from acoustic, Urban/R&B all the way to hard rock.
我們十分期待今個週末在蘭桂坊和安里舉行的 Lan Kwai Fong Beer & Music Festival 2018! 我們今次集合了很多優秀的香港樂隊在兩日內為我們帶來多元化的音樂演出,包括Acoustic, Urban, R&B 同埋 hard rock! 一齊飲住啤酒黎享受香港樂隊的演出吧!音樂演出將會在每日的兩點半開始,免費入場。

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Do you know who is involved in The Underground? 你知道The Underground團隊有什麼成員嗎?


Have a peep at our Team page and meet all of us 🙂 🙂
​​Are you wondering HOW you get to be a team member?
Many of us started out as interns for Chris B so that’s one path – check out our Interns page for opportunities.

快D去我地既Team page睇睇成員簡介啦:D

我地既成員好多都由實習生開始幫Chris B處理大小事項﹣去實習生一頁查看詳情。

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Are you a subscriber? 你 Subscribe 左未?


Which gigs are on this weekend? Use the handy gig guide in The Underground newsletter which is sent out every two weeks, to stay on top of gigs happening in Hong Kong.
Sign up here.
今個星期有咩獨立音樂活動?留意 The Underground 每隔兩個星期就發送一次既 Newsletter, 你就會知道更多本地獨立音樂的活動啦!
快 D 登記啦

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Want your EP or CD reviewed?​ 你想唔想自己既單曲或者碟有樂評?


Here at The Underground we’ve got an army of music lovers who are ready to listen to your music and write a review.
Feel free to contact us. Please note, priority is always given to Hong Kong bands.
The Underground 既團隊有好多鐘意音樂既人,佢地隨時可以聽你地既音樂同寫有關既樂評。

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​Have you checked out our youtube channel?​ ​有冇睇過我地YouTube頻道


​​We have over 400 videos from our shows. We wish we had more! A good way to check out some Hong Kong bands plus if you were at the shows, a great way to relive the moment. Please subscribe to our youtube channel.
我地有超過400段精華片段! 希望陸續會有更多! 呢個係一個好好嘅頻道去接觸香港本地原創音樂,亦都可以重溫返當日嘅情況! 快D黎subscribe啦!

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