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It’s Threesomes time tonight! 今個星期六晚就係Threesomes!


We cant wait to watch Empty, SPAM & Say Mosquito at tonight’s Threesomes show. 8 pm start at Morrison Cafe & Bar. Advance tickets (only HK$120) still available before 5pm online or at Morrison before 8pm. After that it’s HK$160 walk-in. All tickets include a drink. See you tonight!
我地急不及待好想睇Empty, SPAM同Say Mosquito今晚嘅Threesomes演出呀! 想買優先飛的話,就要八點前到Morrison或者下晝五點前就上網買定啦。之後即場飛賣港幣160蚊。所有飛都會包一杯野飲。今晚見!

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This Saturday we’re having Threesomes! 今個星期六晚就係Threesomes!


We’re so excited about this Saturday’s showcase and the great line-up of Hong Kong bands at one of the nicest venues in Hong Kong – Morrison Cafe & Bar. Grab your advance tickets now. Only HK$120 and includes a drink!
認真期待今個星期六帶黎三隊香港樂隊去到香港其中一間最正嘅音樂場地Morrison Café & Bar來一熱情演出。即刻買優先飛啦! 只要港幣120蚊, 仲送一杯野飲添!

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Next weekend is Threesomes 下個星期六晚就係Threesomes.


Empty, SPAM & Say Mosquito, three Hong Kong-based bands, will be getting down next Saturday in Sheung Wan for our Threesomes show. Advance tickets are $120 (including a drink). See you on 21st October at Morrison Cafe & Bar. Tickets can be easily purchased online or you can buy them directly at Morrison.

Empty, SPAM 同埋Say Mosquito呢三隊香港樂隊將會喺下星期六到上環嚟玩一場Threesomes嘅演出。優先門票只係港幣120(仲包野飲一杯!) 10月21號Morrison Café & Bar 見。想買飛? 容易啦! 你可以上網買又得,或者直接到Morrison買都得架!

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It’s time to have a threesome! 你係時候黎一個 Threesome


On 21st October it will be our Threesomes event. Make sure you’re there to witness three of Hong Kong’s best trios (Empty, SPAM & Say Mosquito) performing awesome sets of great music. Advance tickets only HK$120 and includes a drink. Grab two friends & book your tickets now.
10月21號就係我地嘅Threesomes音樂會。等你親身體驗一下香港三隊最好嘅三人組合(Empty, SPAM 同埋Say Mosquito) 火辣演出。優先飛只係港幣120,仲送一杯野飲。即刻搵埋你嘅三五知己一齊買飛睇啦。

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Want someone to deal with making your band’s Tshirts? 問有人幫你處理訂製Band Tee的問題嗎?


A ​few months ago, our good friends Erkonauts (a band from Switzerland) asked us to make them 75 Tshirts to take on a China x Japan tour.
If you need some Tshirts, The Underground can help you too. Contact us for more details.
數月前, 一隊來自瑞士的友好樂隊Erkonauts剛委託我們為他製作75件Band T恤, 以應付他們在中國和日本的巡迴表演。
如果你的樂隊都需要自己的Band T恤, The Underground 亦可幫你製作。請聯絡我們取得詳情。

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