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登記咗The Underground電郵最新通訊未呢?一封簡單電郵,已經包括哂兩星期內的香港演出要覽。下次電郵通訊將會係今個星期四。登記以取得最新消息,成為知得更多嗰個!

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Need to make some Band merchandise? 需要屬於自己嘅樂隊商品嗎?


Have you been really wanting band Tshirts or stickers and just been too busy to make it happen?
At The Underground we can help you along every step of the way, so all you have to do is focus on your band’s music and live performance.
Check out our make merch page now!
想要屬於自己樂隊嘅T-shirts或者貼紙,或者太忙冇時間搞?The Underground提供一站式樂隊商品製作,令你可以專注樂隊同表演,商品就交比我哋啦!

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Want to perform at The Underground? 想喺 The Underground 表演?


Got a band? Want a live performance review? Want some professional live shots of your band’s performance? Or you simply want to gig in Hong Kong? The Underground showcases are for the best bands playing original music. We also curate bands for other festivals, showcases and events. Simply apply to play using the form and we’ll get back to you. The more information you can give us, the quicker we’ll get back to you.

有樂隊?想有現場表演評論?想要專業嘅樂隊現場表演拍攝?或者純粹想係香港演出? The Underground 嘅演出俾機會玩原創音樂嘅樂隊表演。但我地亦為其他音樂節、演出、活動招募樂隊。

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