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Want your EP or CD reviewed?​ 你想唔想自己既單曲或者碟有樂評?


Here at The Underground we’ve got an army of music lovers who are ready to listen to your music and write a review.
Feel free to contact us. Please note, priority is always given to Hong Kong bands.
The Underground 既團隊有好多鐘意音樂既人,佢地隨時可以聽你地既音樂同寫有關既樂評。


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Tomorrow is Semi-Final Three of the Volkswagen x Underground Battle of the Bands聽日就係第3場Volkswagen x Underground Battle of the Bands半準決賽


We’ve got the Volkswagen x Underground Battle of the Bands Semi-final 3 happening tomorrow and if you’re new to Hong Kong’s live music scene, it’s a great way for you to get a taste of the local live music scene. Each band performs 2 songs within 8 minutes and as the audience you even get to vote who goes through to the final. Grab your advance ticket now, only HK$70. Location: VoV Space in Chaiwan.
第3場Volkswagen x Underground Battle of the Bands半準決賽就係聽日進行。如果你初黎報到,未感受過香港嘅拉闊音樂氣氛,呢個就係一嚐本地拉闊音樂嘅最佳渠道。每隊樂隊有8分鐘時間表演2首歌,另外作為觀眾嘅你亦可投票決定邊隊晉
級決賽。搶購你嘅優先飛,只係港幣70元。地點:柴灣VoV Space


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Tonight is Sub Terra #6今晚就係Sub Terra #6.


Come along to enjoy fresh music as well as established Hong Kong bands in an awesome venue which is right next to the Wanchai MTR Station (Exit A1). Be one of the five winners of Polaroid headphones. Be one of the people who can say “I saw Dixie Lynne & Cassette 卡式帶樂團 before they got famous”. Bring your friends and some drinks and enjoy live music in one of the most comfortable venues in Hong Kong (The Hub). See you later!
黎感受煥然一身嘅音樂睇埋香港嘅成名樂隊表演,到全港最正嘅場地The Hub就喺灣仔地鐵站 A1出口。想成為嬴取Polaroid寶麗來耳機嘅幸運兒﹖想話比人知你喺Dixie Lynn 同Cassette 卡式帶樂團出名之前睇過佢地﹖咁就要帶埋你D朋友,買埋野
飲一齊感受全港其中一個上演拉闊音樂嘅最佳場地 The Hub。到時見﹗

Sub terra 6-Group_web

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This Saturday is Semi-Final Three of the Volkswagen x Underground Battle of the Bands今個星期六就係第3場Volkswagen x Underground Battle of the Bands半準決賽


Which two bands will go through to the final? Come along and help to judge. Each band performs for 8 minutes only so it’s fast paced action. Grab your advance tickets now – only HK$70 each.


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Volkswagen x The Underground Battle of the Bands semi final update. Volkswagen x The Underground Battle of the Bands半準決賽最新動態


So far we’ve had two semi-finals and selected four finalist bands (band a,b, c and d) and we’ve got two more coming – 25th March and 22nd April. The judges have been impressed by the standards of local bands and the audience have been thrilled by the variety of music genres. Come along to VoV Space and experience live music in a unique setting. Advance tickets only $70 (BYO drinks).
到目前為止,我們已經於首兩場半準決賽中選出了共4隊入圍決賽樂隊 (a, b, c and d)。而接下來仍然有兩場的半準決賽分別於3月25日及4月22日舉行。本地樂隊高水準的演出令評判們都留下深刻印象,同時享受著眾多音樂種類的觀眾亦表現得相當雀躍。一起來VoV Space體驗不一樣的拉闊音樂。優先門票只售港幣70元 (自攜酒水)。

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