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Tonight is Mellow Yellow! 今晚就係 Mellow Yellow 啦


We’re really excited about our softer music showcase happening tonight in Wanchai at the Hub. Doors open 9pm and first band is on at 9:15pm.
You are welcome to bring your own drinks whilst enjoying the great music. Advance tickets available until 5pm today (HK$100). Walk-in tickets are HK$130
我地好期待今晚係灣仔 The Hub 嘅輕音樂showcase!我地會係9點正開門,第一隊樂隊會係9點15分開始表演。
歡迎大家自備飲品去睇。優先門票會係今日5點正截止($100)。即場門票價錢為 $130。


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    This Saturday is Mellow Yellow 今個星期六就係Mellow Yellow啦


    Advance tickets still available for HK$100 only. Five awesome acoustic acts on on one amazing stage. Come get your eyes and ears opened to what’s happening on the mellower side of Hong Kong’s indie scene.


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      Photos & reviews from Sub Terra #1 are online Sub Terra #1 既相片同樂評已經上載坐上網啦


      Check out these awesome photos from this debut even at The Hub. We also have reviews from El Jay and Elson so that you can relive the night.
      Keep an eye out for the videos coming soon on our youtube channel.
      去睇下呢個係The Hub首次亮相既活動入面影既靚相啦。我地亦都有由El Jay同Elson寫既樂評,等你可以回味一下呢一晚。Youtube頻道好快就會有當晚既視頻,切勿錯過。


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        Next week is Mellow Yellow 下星期就係Mellow Yellow啦


        Want to find out what the more acoustic side of live music is like in Hong Kong? Then add 24th September to your diary and head over to Wanchai as we turn The Hub into a live house with 5 great acts.
        Check out our event page. Advance tickets only HK$100. There will be tickets available on the door for HK$130.
        想知道香港現場音樂比較原聲既一面係點? 咁就要將9月24號加落你本日程表度然後去灣仔啦,因爲我地將The Hub變成音樂演展場地,仲有5個表演單位添。快d去我地個活動網頁睇下啦。預售門票只係HK$100咋。即場買門票都得,每張HK$130。


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          Subscribe to our newsletter. 請訂閱我們的電子報


          The secret is out! The Underground sends out (via email) a newsletter, every two weeks with a huge gig guide for Hong Kong. Sign up now, it’s free. Sometimes we even give away tickets to shows.

          號外!The Underground 將會每兩星期以電郵方式送出電子報,其中包括一個兩星期的香港音樂會指南。


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                Want to perform at The Underground? 想喺 The Underground 表演?


                Got a band? Want a live performance review? Want some professional live shots of your band’s performance? Or you simply want to gig in Hong Kong? The Underground showcases are for the best bands playing original music. We also curate bands for other festivals, showcases and events. Simply apply to play using the form and we’ll get back to you. The more information you can give us, the quicker we’ll get back to you.

                有樂隊?想有現場表演評論?想要專業嘅樂隊現場表演拍攝?或者純粹想係香港演出? The Underground 嘅演出俾機會玩原創音樂嘅樂隊表演。但我地亦為其他音樂節、演出、活動招募樂隊。

                perform1 perform2
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                  Mellow Yellow happening on 24 September 9月24日 Mellow Yellow


                  Come celebrate a night of softer acoustic & folk music! 24th of September is Mellow Yellow and we’re hosting this event at The Hub in Wanchai. Check out the line-up we have in store for you and grab your advance tickets now.

                  過黎一齊為一個充滿委婉既原聲同民間音樂既晚上慶祝啦! Mellow Yellow將會係9月24號係灣仔The Hub舉辦。快d去睇下我地為你預備左d咩表演陣容,跟住去買預售門票啦。


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                    It’s Sub Terra #1 tonight 今晚就係Sub Terra #1啦!


                    Doors open at 9pm tonight with first band (Asyndeton) on at 9:15pm. We have five bands in total and it’s non-stop
                    music for live music loves. There are still a few advance tickets left (only HK$100). Walk-in HK$130. See you tonight!
                    今晚9點鐘就可以開始進場,第一隊樂隊 Asyndeton 會係 9:15pm演出。今晚總共會有5隊樂隊一隊接一隊為我地表演!而
                    家重有少量預售門票 (只係HK$100),即場係HK$130。今晚見!

                    sub terra #1 (secret)_web

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                      We can help you make band T shirts. 我們可以幫你製作專屬你樂隊的Band T恤


                      Our good friends Erkonauts (a Swiss band) asked us to make 75 Tshirts to take on a China x Japan tour.
                      If you need some Tshirts, The Underground can help you too. Contact us for more details.

                      一隊來自瑞士的友好樂隊Erkonauts剛委託我們為他製作75件Band T恤, 以應付他們在中國和日本的巡迴表演。
                      如果你的樂隊都需要自己的Band T恤, The Underground 亦可幫你製作。請聯絡我們取得詳情。

                      Erkonauts_Tee_web ERkonauts_TSHIRT1
                      ERkonauts_TSHIRT2 Erkonauts_VISUAL_TSHIRT
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                        It’s Sub Terra #1 this Saturday! 今個星期六就係 Sub Terra #1啦!


                        We’re super stoked to announce that we have FIVE bands this Saturday at our debut HUB show. Our FIFTH act will be
                        a surprise and the only way to know is to come along. Show will end 12:30am instead of at midnight. Five bands all for the great price of HK$100 (advance ticket) or
                        HK$130 walk-in. Come and rock out with us.
                        今個禮拜六喺The HUB 既第一場show, 將會有5隊樂隊演出!!第5隊表演單位暫時會保持神秘,你黎到既時候就會知道佢
                        哋係邊個啦! 當晚會係12:30am結束。睇5隊樂隊既表演都只係 HK$100 (預售) 或 HK$130 (即場)。到時一齊黎同我哋搖滾一晚啦!

                        Sub Terra #1 added Good Fellas_web

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                          Tonight is Electro Rocks 今晚就係Electro Rocks


                          We’re all super excited about tonight’s event at Orange Peel. Electronica x Rock. International band x local bands. Still some advance tickets left (includes one drink!) at HK$120. Door tickets are HK$150. Doors open 8pm tonight!
                          好興奮呀,今晚喺Orange Peel有活動!電子x 搖滾,國際 x 本地樂隊。尚餘小量$120預售門票 (包一杯飲品),即場門票都只係$150。今晚8點半就開始!




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                            Some tickets left for Electro Rocks 重有小量Electro Rocks 門票


                            This Thursday 1st September is Electro Rocks! Three bands which includes one amazing Indian band playing their debut in Hong Kong. At one of the best live music venues in Hong Kong. Grab your advance tickets now for only HK$120 (includes one drink).
                            今個星期四,9月1日就係 Electro Rocks! 有三隊樂隊既演出,當中更包括一隊好正既印度樂隊玩佢地係香港既首場演出。 演出會喺香港其中一個最好嘅現場音樂場地舉行!而家買預售門票只係$120,重包一杯飲品!


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                              Photos from Lan Kwai Fong Beer & Music Festival 2016 are online now. 蘭桂坊啤酒節2016 既相已經upload左上網啦!


                              The Underground has for many years, curated the bands for the Lan Kwai Fong Beer & Music Festival. This year, Heidi and Kate, took some cool photos from Day 1 of the festival.
                              蘭桂坊啤酒節2016 既相已經upload左上網啦!The Underground 已經籌辦左蘭桂坊啤酒節好多年啦。今年 Heidi 同 Kate 幫我地係啤酒節既第一日影左好多靚相啊~

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                                  Electro Rocks on 1st September 9月1日有Electro Rocks


                                  We’re super excited about FuzzCulture flying into HK to make their debut gig. There’s not many bands that have won VIMA’s “Thank you for existing” award. Come along to find out what all the excitement is about. Next Thursday at Orange Peel.
                                  Some advance tickets still available.

                                  我哋萬分期待FuzzCulture飛到香港去作第一次嘅演出!並唔係有好多樂隊贏過VIMA 嘅”Thank you for existing” 獎項。
                                  下個星期四過嚟Orange Peel 睇吓將會有啲咩令人興奮嘅事發生啦!現時尚剩餘小量預售門票


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                                    We’re bringing you live music in Wanchai on Saturday nights! 我哋會喺星期六晚喺灣仔為你帶來現場音樂!


                                    For those of you who can’t make live music events on ‘school’ nights, you’ll be delighted to know that The Underground will be hosting Saturday night events at The Hub in Wanchai starting with Sub Terra #1.
                                    This venue/conference space is in the heart of Wanchai and with the kind support of Parsons Music and This Music Studio, we’re turning it into a live music venue. Tickets now on sale for Sub Terra #1 – get yours now.

                                    如果你喺平日夜晚唔能夠參加現場音樂活動,咁The Underground 將會喺星期六晚喺灣仔The Hub開始舉辦嘅Sub Terra #1 對你嚟講一定係一大喜訊啦!
                                    呢個場地 (會議空間) 位於灣仔嘅中心,喺柏斯琴行同This Music Studio 嘅支持下,我哋將佢變成一個現場音樂演出場地。
                                    Sub Terra #1嘅門票已經開始發售,去買啦!

                                    sub terra #1 cover photo

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                                      We’re on Instagram too! 而家亦都可以喺Instagram搵到我哋啦!


                                      For those of you who love to use Instagram, we’re now on Instagram (theundergroundhk) where we post live photos from our events and also upcoming gig posters. It’s our newest social media channel and we’re excited to follow you, so come and follow us!

                                      如果你係Instagram用家就要留意啦,我哋會係Instagram (theundergroundhk) 上發佈我哋舉辦活動時嘅現場相片以及嚟緊音樂會嘅海報!Instagram 喺我地最新既社交媒體頻道,我地都好想去follow你哋,你哋都記得要follow我哋呀!

                                      IG screen cap 1

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                                        Do you know who is involved in The Underground? 你知道The Underground團隊有什麼成員嗎?


                                        Have a peep at our Team page and meet all of us :) :)
                                        ​​Are you wondering HOW you get to be a team member?
                                        Many of us started out as interns for Chris B so that’s one path – check out our Interns page for opportunities.

                                        快D去我地既Team page睇睇成員簡介啦:D

                                        我地既成員好多都由實習生開始幫Chris B處理大小事項﹣去實習生一頁查看詳情。


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                                          We reviewed The Sulis Club’s new album 我們為 The Sulis Club 的新專輯寫了樂評


                                          The Sulis Club’s newly released album “Peaceful Day” is given the full review by Dan Creffield.
                                          If your band has released a new album and would love a review, do contact us. Please note, priority is given to Hong Kong based musicians.
                                          Dan Creffield 為 The Sulis Club 的新專輯 “Peaceful Day” 寫了一篇全面的樂評。如果你的樂隊推出了新專輯,亦希望取得樂評,請聯絡我們。請留意:我們會優先為駐港樂手/樂隊寫樂評。

                                          TSC_Peaceful Day Album Artwork

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                                            Our YouTube channel 我們的YouTube頻道


                                            Have you checked out our YouTube (or Youku channel for our mainland Chinese friends)? We have clips of bands who have performed at our events and also clips of shows that we’ve curated bands for. There’s lots of Hong Kong bands to gawk at and get a feel for. Browse now.
                                            你查看了我們的YouTube頻道(或Youku頻道,中國大陸的朋友們)嗎?我們有很多曾經在The Underground的活動演出過的樂隊的短片,還有我們為樂隊策展的活動的短片。香港有數之不盡的樂隊讓你好好欣賞,抓住音樂帶給你的實感!現在去瀏覽一下吧!


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                                              Tonight is Heavy 16! 今晚就是Heavy 16!


                                              Doors open at Orange Peel tonight at 8pm and music starts at 830pm, come and let your inner mosher out!
                                              Advance tickets will be on sale (online until 5pm) and at Orange Peel till 8pm. HK$90 in advance, including one drink.
                                              今晚於Orange Peel八時正開始入場,表演八時半開始,快來釋放你潛藏於內心的自由靈魂吧!優先門票將會於網上開售直至下午五時,以及於Orange Peel發售直至晚上八時。優先門票只需HKD90,還包含一支飲品!

                                              heavy#16 bands_web

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                                                We reviewed some singles 我們為一些單曲寫了樂評


                                                Recently we reviewed Thud’s new single Prime of Pride as well as Jamie Vardy a single by The Red Stripes.
                                                If you’re a band or solo artist in Hong Kong and want us to review your singles, please contact us now.
                                                最近我們為 Thud 的新曲 Prime of Pride 和 The Red Stripes 的單曲 Jamie Vardy 寫了樂評。如果你是香港的樂隊或獨唱歌手,又想我們為你的單曲寫樂評,請即聯絡我們。

                                                prime of pride art Jamie Vardy Cover
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                                                  Want a unique souvenir from Hong Kong? 想要一件獨特的香港紀念品?


                                                  Visiting Hong Kong and want to get a gift that you cannot find in Stanley market or any of the other tourist traps in Hong Kong? Get one of our limited edition “I came to Hong Kong and all I saw were some indie bands” T-shirt. In our store – now.

                                                  正在探訪香港,又想要一件不能在赤柱市場或其他旅遊陷阱地點買到的紀念品? 其實可以試試購買我們推出的限量版“I came to Hong Kong and all I saw were some indie bands”(我來到香港,而我看到的都是一些獨立樂隊) T恤作為紀念。T裇正於我們的禮品店發售。

                                                  indie band

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                                                    Heavy 16 is this Thursday! Heavy #16 係今個星期四啦!


                                                    Come along and check out four amazing Hong Kong bands: Feel of All, Maniac, OI Squad and The Priceless Boat. Get your heavy dose inside Lan Kwai Fong. Advance tickets only $90, including one drink.
                                                    See you there!
                                                    一齊去Orange Peel,睇下四隊超正既本地樂隊: Feel of All, Maniac, OI Squad 同埋 The Priceless Boat啦!喺蘭桂坊盡情享受HEAVY的一夜! 預售門票都只係90蚊,仲包括一杯飲品添!到時見!

                                                    heavy#16 bands_web

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