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Want to perform at The Underground? 想喺 The Underground 表演?


Got a band? Want a live performance review? Want some professional live shots of your band’s performance? Or you simply want to gig in Hong Kong? The Underground showcases are for the best bands playing original music. We also curate bands for other festivals, showcases and events. Simply apply to play using the form and we’ll get back to you. The more information you can give us, the quicker we’ll get back to you.

有樂隊?想有現場表演評論?想要專業嘅樂隊現場表演拍攝?或者純粹想係香港演出? The Underground 嘅演出俾機會玩原創音樂嘅樂隊表演。但我地亦為其他音樂節、演出、活動招募樂隊。

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Are you looking to form a band? 你想組一隊 band 嗎?


We have a great classified ad section where people can post looking for new band mates or to let people know a new musician is in town. At the moment our ads are in English. Feel free to send us Chinese ads too. Start jamming now!

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6 week band course for Hong Kong musicians 香港音樂人嘅六星期樂隊課程


Learning how to play an instrument and feeling a little apprehensive about getting up to play at a Jam Night? Here’s a 6-week course for drummers, guitar players, bass players, keyboard players and singers (in Hong Kong)
學緊樂器,但喺Jam Night總係有啲生疏?參加呢個六星期嘅課程啦,課程專為喺香港嘅鼓手、吉他手、貝斯手、鍵盤手同歌手而設。(課程以英文授課)

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Tomorrow is Heavy 21. 聽日就係Heavy21啦!


Four of Hong Kong’s best heavy rock bands will be at The Hub tomorrow. Join Cursed Eyes, Wreckage of Progress, K’scope 萬花筒 & ARKM for some screaming, some moshing and big time fun. We still have some advance tickets left for only HK$160 and it includes a drink. Grab your tickets now.
四隊重金屬搖滾樂隊聽日將會嚟到The Hub。快啲同Cursed Eyes, Wreckage of Progress, K’scope萬花筒同埋ARKM一齊嗌下Fing下Enjoy下啦!仲有少量預訂門票剩低,只需要HK$160咋,仲包埋一杯飲品!快啲買飛啦!

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Heavy 21 is this Saturday 今個星期六就係Heavy 21啦!


Ready to mosh to your heart’s content? This Saturday we have an awesome line-up of bands performing heavy (and loud!) music for you.
Grab your advance ticket online or just pay on walk-in. All tickets include a drink. Doors open 8pm

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​Wondering how to stay informed about indie gigs happening in Hong Kong? 想緊貼香港新鮮出爐的獨立音樂表演時間表﹖


​Some of you may not know that we send out a newsletter every 2 weeks containing the Hong Kong gig guide of who’s playing and where. We list all the indie gigs from punk to jazz. Sign up now, it’s free.

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Bands! The Underground can now help you make stickers & T-shirts. Band友們,The Underground現在可以幫你們製作貼紙和T-shirt了


Band merchandise is perfect for promoting a band! Order your customized band stickers and t-shirts from The Underground! Email us now!
樂團商品能為一個樂團作出宣傳,在The Underground訂製樂團貼紙和T恤衫!電郵我們去了解多點吧!

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