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This Saturday is Tri-Accident “Pointless Filler” Live (CD launch). 今個星期六就係Tri-Accident “Pointless Filler”拉闊專輯發報會


If you like Black Sabbath, Guns N’ Roses and Led Zeppelin, come along to check out Tri-Accident’s CD launch this Saturday. Grab your friends and come along for a night of great music. Advance tickets only HK$150.
如果你鐘意聽Black Sabbath, Guns N’ Roses同埋Led Zeppelin的話, 咁你就要黎今個星期六Tri-Accident嘅新碟發報會啦。搵埋你D朋友仔一齊享受一晚精彩音樂。優先門票只係港幣150。

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Our YouTube channel 我們的YouTube頻道


Have you checked out our YouTube (or Youku channel for our mainland Chinese friends)? We have clips of bands who have performed at our events and also clips of shows that we’ve curated bands for. There’s lots of Hong Kong bands to gawk at and get a feel for. Browse now.
你查看了我們的YouTube頻道(或Youku頻道,中國大陸的朋友們)嗎?我們有很多曾經在The Underground的活動演出過的樂隊的短片,還有我們為樂隊策展的活動的短片。香港有數之不盡的樂隊讓你好好欣賞,抓住音樂帶給你的實感!現在去瀏覽一下吧!

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It’s Heavy Unplugged tonight 今晚就係Heavy Unplugged啦!


This may be your only chance to catch these bands: Bamboo Star, Mockingbird & Wan Chai Warriors performing an acoustic set. Doors open 8pm. Advance tickets are only HK$120 and on sale till 5pm today. After that it’s HK$160 walk-in. All tickets include a drink. See you tonight!
今次可能係你唯一一次睇到Bamboo Star,Mockingbird同埋Wan Chai Warriors嘅acoustic原色版。八點入場。優先飛只需港幣120,賣到今日下午五點咋。即場就要港幣160。所有門票都包野飲一杯。今晚見﹗

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We can help you make band T shirts. 我們可以幫你製作專屬你樂隊的Band T恤


Our good friends Erkonauts (a Swiss band) asked us to make 75 Tshirts to take on a China x Japan tour.
If you need some Tshirts, The Underground can help you too. Contact us for more details.

一隊來自瑞士的友好樂隊Erkonauts剛委託我們為他製作75件Band T恤, 以應付他們在中國和日本的巡迴表演。
如果你的樂隊都需要自己的Band T恤, The Underground 亦可幫你製作。請聯絡我們取得詳情。

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This Saturday is Heavy Unplugged 今個星期就係Heavy Unplugged《不插電搖滾夜》


It may be unplugged but it’ll definitely still be amazing. Three of Hong Kong’s best hard rocking bands will be at Morrison Café & Bar tomorrow. Join Bamboo Star, Mockingbird & Wan Chai Warriors as they change your perception of hard rock music. We will also have Polaroid headphones to give away to five lucky winners. Remember Saturday 2nd September, doors opening 8pm. We still have some advance tickets left for only HK$120 and it includes a drink. Grab your tickets now.
雖然係唔插電,但肯定不會失色,精彩依舊。聽日香港其中三隊好正嘅搖滾樂隊就會黎到Morrison Café & Bar。一齊感受 Bamboo Star, Mockingbird同Wan Chai Warriors點樣扭轉你對硬搖滾嘅睇法。到時我地仲會有5位幸運兒可以嬴走抽獎禮品,得到寶麗來耳機一個。遁得星期六9月2號,八點可以入場啦。我地仲有少量優先飛賣,只需港幣$120,仲送一杯野飲。而家就撲飛啦﹗

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