Chance of a Lifetime. Heavy Unplugged 一生人一次嘅機會。Heavy Unplugged 《不插電搖滾夜》


08-08-17 @



    On 2nd September will be Heavy Unplugged. Make sure you’re there to witness three of Hong Kong’s best rock bands (Wan Chai Warriors, Mockingbird & Bamboo Star) tear it up acoustically in this one off event. Five lucky people will win Polaroid headphones too, in our lucky draw giveaway. Advance tickets only HK$120 and includes a drink. Grab a friend & book your tickets now.
    9月2號就係Heavy Unplugged不插電搖滾夜。記得來黎見證香港其中三隊好正嘅搖滾樂隊(Wan Chai Warriors, Mockingbird & Bamboo Star竹星) 突破性黎一個不插電、一次過嘅原聲搖滾騷。

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