Looking to graduate from the street to the stage? 想尋找一個舞台發揮你的音樂潛能?


15-08-18 @



    The Underground’s new project is perfect for you! Introducing: Small Stage, Big Music. Starting from September 2018, buskers from all over the city will be invited to perform at a regular series of gigs curated to showcase homegrown, up-and-coming musicians. If you’re a permanent Hong Kong resident with big musical dreams, fill in the form to be part of this new venture.
    由九月起,The Underground 將會為香港的街頭音樂人提供一個表演平台 – 「小舞台、大世界」。這個或許會是你音樂旅程的起點,是你第一次在專業水準的舞台上表演,也許你能夠獲取第一群忠實粉絲,也許你也可以從此獲取更多舞台經驗!多年後,可能你便會成為下一隊登上全港最大舞台的樂隊!點閱以獲取更多資訊。

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