Lucky Draw Prize Announcement #3 幸運大抽獎獎品公佈 #3


09-04-19 @



    Everyone loves a professional photo shoot and we’re so lucky to have a one hour photography prize to giveaway from Aaronography – Aaron is a freelance videographer & photographer based in Hong Kong! This prize is for an outdoor photo shoot at any location in Hong Kong. Worth HK$600! Book your ticket now to The Underground’s 15th Year Anniversary Party to have a chance at winning this fun prize!
    專業嘅攝影套餐有邊個唔鍾意,好高興今年有Aaronography為我地送出1小時專業攝影套餐- Aaron 係香港本地專業照片及影像攝影師,今次送出項目係本地景點外影跟拍,價值$600,想贏到依個獎就快啲嚟買飛睇Underground 15週年狂歡派對,參加抽獎,齊齊贏大獎!

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