Mark your calendar for 5th July. 7月5號約定你!


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    If you’re in Hong Kong on 5th July, wander down to the waterfront at Central and check out FWD Mellow Yellow Music Festival.
    There will be jazz, pop rock, acoustic, bluegrass and more on two separate stages. Besides music, food and beverage will be supplied by The Flying Pan. A series of family friendly merchandise will be on sale, which include cool clothing with individualized stickers by Volcom and Island Wake, handmade copper utensils from India and a range of unique lifestyle items from The Spirit Haüs, and more.

    The best part is, the festival is free! Bring your friends to kick off the weekend. Festival runs from 3pm to 9pm.

    如果你7月5號無野做,咁就唔好猶豫,來參加我地係中環海濱活動空間既FWD Mellow Yellow Music Festival啦!
    到時兩個舞台將會有爵士樂,現代搖滾, Acoustic, 藍草音樂等更多表演比大家
    除左音樂,Flying Pan將會為大家提供食物同飲品。 場地仲會有一堆老少咸宜既商品比大家購買,包括有Volcom同Island
    wake既個人服飾,仲有印度來既手造銅器廚具,以及帶有The Sprint House生活風格既商物等等

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