Next week is Semi-Final Three of the Volkswagen x Underground Battle of the Bands 下星期就係第3場Volkswagen x Underground Battle of the Bands半準決賽


17-03-17 @



    For those of you following the Battle closely, next Saturday, brings us 8 bands playing many different styles of rock. They will be performing at the very best to impress the judges AND the audience (who gets to vote for their favourite band).
    Come along to cheer for the bands and vote for your favourite. Tickets available now.
    各位緊貼比賽戰況嘅朋友,下星期我地帶黎8隊玩不同類型搖滾嘅樂隊。佢地會竭盡全力表演爭取評判嘅賞識同埋觀眾嘅支持 (觀眾有權投票佢地嘅心水樂隊)。一齊黎為樂隊打打氣並投選你的最愛。門票已經有售。


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