Next week is Volkswagen x Underground Battle of the Bands Finals! 下星期就係Volkswagen x Underground Battle of the Bands決賽啦!


16-05-17 @



    Drumroll please (literally)…Seven bands are practising hard and gearing up for their 12 minutes of fame and adrenaline rush next Saturday at the Hang Out. If you love live music and want to find out who is going to take home the amazing line-up of prizes, come join us at the Hang Out next Saturday and you’re guaranteed to be in for a ride! Advance tickets only HK$70.

    (鼓聲) 咚咚咚咚咚…七隊決賽樂隊已經密鑼緊鼓為佢地下星期六喺蒲吧嘅舞台上果12分鐘嘅光榮同刺激好好練習同準備。如果你鐘意拉闊音樂又想知邊隊band會成為大嬴家橫掃所有獎品,就要下星期六黎蒲吧,包保你睇得盡興﹗優先飛只售港幣70蚊

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