Next weekend is London Calling, our British music showcase. 下個星期就係London Calling呼喚倫敦,曬冷我地嘅英倫音樂


13-11-17 @



    Fancy enjoying ace British music with a cup of tea? Or perhaps a pint is more your preference? Either way, come along to Morrison Cafe & Bar on 25th November to savour some great British acts including Zurich (on their Asian tour) as well as Jules O’Brien and Logo. Advance tickets are only $120 (including a drink & chance to win a set of Polaroid headphones). Tickets can be easily purchased online or you can buy them directly at Morrison.
    賞面一邊嘆住杯茶,一邊聽住優質嘅英倫音樂嗎﹖定還是啤酒先啱你心水﹖無論點都好,11月25號一齊過黎Morrison Cafe & Bar細味幾隊英國音樂單位嘅演出,包括Zurich (在亞洲巡遊中)、Jules O’Brien和Logo。優先門票只賣港幣120元 (仲送一杯嘢飲同參加抽獎機會嬴走寶麗來耳機)。門票可以輕鬆上網買定,或者親身到Morrison買都得。

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