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Grab your tickets to the most exciting band competition in Hong Kong! 從速購票以享受精彩刺激的演出!


It’s every band dream to tour internationally and Planetrox China is one way for a band to fly to Canada. Come along to cheer and vote for your favourite band and help them to go from being a local band into an International band. Final is on 12th May 2018 at The Hub in Wanchai. The five bands are: Scamper, Virt, Sagas, Two Finger Salute & Loud Shaft. Some advance tickets still available online. 每一隊香港樂隊都期待能夠可以到國際舞台上演唱,而 Planetrox 中國正是一個大好機會!一同前來票選出你最喜愛的樂隊並幫助他們躋身國際舞台吧! Planetrox 中國決賽將於 5 月 12 日於灣仔的 The Hub 舉行,當日演出的樂隊包括 Scamper, Virt, Sagas, Two Finger Salute & Loud Shaft。預售門票現正公開發售

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​Looking for a band member? 搵緊Band友?


​We’ve heard of stories from several musicians on how they found a bandmate using our Classified ads. If you’re looking to join/form or start a new band, check out our Classified ads now. We are also happy to sell your gear and it’s all free for Hong Kong musicians.


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The secret is out! The Underground sends out (via email) a newsletter, every two weeks with a huge gig guide for Hong Kong. Sign up now, it’s free. Sometimes we even give away tickets to shows.
號外!The Underground 將會每兩星期以電郵方式送出電子報,其中包括一個兩星期的香港音樂會指南。 我們的電子報是完全免費的,請即訂閱!有時我們會送出免費的音樂會門票。

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