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Sammy So (KOLOR) interview


Sammy So, KOLOR tells us as a judge for the Volkswagen x Underground Battle of the Bands what he was looking for in a winning band.
KOLOR 嘅Sammy So話你知作為Volkswagen x Underground Battle of the Bands嘅勝出樂隊有咩優勝條件

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Planetrox China Final 2017 this Friday 今個星期五就係Planetrox 中國2017決賽


This Friday, one band will win the trip of a lifetime to Canada. Come along and cast your vote and see if you agree with the judges. Doors open 7pm, first band starts 8pm.
There’s great food too at The Dog House, so come along after work. We will also be giving away some Polaroid headphones – so even the audience will have winners! Advance tickets available here.
今個星期五,有一隊Band將會嬴得一生人一次飛到加拿大演出嘅機會。記得黎投票,睇下你同評判嘅眼光係咪一致先。七點開始入席,八點第一隊正式上場。The Dog House 都有D好好味嘅野食架,所以放工之後黎就啱晒啦。我地當晚仲有
寶麗萊耳機做抽獎禮物送出添,所以觀眾黎睇騷都有得嬴獎品! 即刻就買定優先飛啦。


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We can help you make band T shirts. 我們可以幫你製作專屬你樂隊的Band T恤


Our good friends Erkonauts (a Swiss band) asked us to make 75 Tshirts to take on a China x Japan tour.
If you need some Tshirts, The Underground can help you too. Contact us for more details.

一隊來自瑞士的友好樂隊Erkonauts剛委託我們為他製作75件Band T恤, 以應付他們在中國和日本的巡迴表演。
如果你的樂隊都需要自己的Band T恤, The Underground 亦可幫你製作。請聯絡我們取得詳情。

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​Check out our classified ads. 主題:快啲去睇下我哋既分類廣告喇!


​Hoping to buy gear at reduced prices? Or maybe you want to sell off some of your musical gear you no longer use? Check out our Classified ads. Musicians are selling guitars, amps etc.
想買特價既音樂器材?又或者想賣你已經用唔著既音樂器材?快啲去睇下我哋既分類廣告喇!有好多音樂發燒友賣結他,擴音 器等等!

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Sum 41’s album review


We reviewed Sum 41’s latest album. 我們(以英文)發表了Sum 41的最新專輯樂評.
#sum41 #13Voices #hopelessrecords #CDreview

13 Voices_web.jpg

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Planetrox China Final 2017 next week 下星期就到Planetrox 中國2017決賽


We’re all super excited about next Friday’s awesome final for Planetrox China. The five finalist bands: Carrier 帶菌者, NastyDudes, Something Blue, Turing Apples & Wanchai Road will all perform 20 minute sets of original music. Then ONE band will be selected to fly to Canada in September to play at a major live music festival. It promises to be a great night of live music. Put 7 July into your calendar, get your advance tickets now, limited seats at The Dog House Kowloon.

真係超級興奮同期待下星期五Planetrox中國區嘅激烈決賽﹗決戰五強: Carrier 帶菌者, NastyDudes, Something Blue, Turing Apples同埋 Wanchai Road。每隊會有20分鐘時間展現獨特嘅原創音樂。然後只有一隊會被選中,可以喺九月飛到加拿大參演當地一個重大嘅音樂節。保證決賽晚一定會有精彩嘅拉闊音樂。記低7月7呢個日子,即撲優先飛,The Dog House Kowloon座位有限。


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