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Vote for your favourite band at Planetrox China Final 2019 投票選出您於2019年的Planetrox中國總決賽最喜愛的樂隊


On 29th June, five bands will perform at 200% to win the chance of a festival slot in Canada. You, the audience, can vote for the best band.
Audience votes counts for 25% of the score. Come along and join in the excitement at The Hub.Doors open 7pm and first band is on at 8pm.
6月29日,五支樂隊將會用200%的努力獲得加拿大節日獎的機會。 觀眾可以投票給最好的樂隊。觀眾投票占得分的25%。 到時一齊黎The Hub啦。到時候7點入場,而第一支樂隊將於晚上8點開始演出。

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Mark your calendar for 5th July 7月5號約定你!


If you’re in Hong Kong on 5th July, wander down to the waterfront at Central and check out FWD Mellow Yellow Music Festival.
There will be jazz, pop rock, acoustic, bluegrass and more on two separate stages.
Besides music, food and beverage will be supplied by The Flying Pan. A series of family friendly merchandise will be on sale, which include cool clothing with individualized stickers by Volcom and Island Wake, handmade copper utensils from India and a range of unique lifestyle items from The Spirit Haüs, and more.
The best part is, the festival is free! Bring your friends to kick off the weekend. Festival runs from 3pm to 9pm.
如果你7月5號無野做,咁就唔好猶豫,來參加我地係中環海濱活動空間既FWD Mellow Yellow Music Festival啦!
到時兩個舞台將會有爵士樂,現代搖滾, Acoustic, 藍草音樂等更多表演比大家除左音樂,Flying Pan將會為大家提供食物同飲品。 場地仲會有一堆老少咸宜既商品比大家購買,包括有Volcom同Island
wake既個人服飾,仲有印度來既手造銅器廚具,以及帶有The Sprit Haüs生活風格既商物等等最緊要係咩?就係個嘉年華係免費入場!!仲諗咩!?7月5日中環海濱活動空間下午3點到9點約定你啦!

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Planetrox China Final 2019 is this Saturday. Planetrox 中國2019決賽就係今個星期六


Grab your tickets to the most exciting band competition in Hong Kong!

It’s every band dream to tour internationally and Planetrox China is one way for a band to fly to Canada. Come along to
cheer and vote for your favourite band and help them to go from being a local band into an International band. Final is
on 29th June at The Hub in Wanchai. The five bands are: Cracklebox, Noisy Charlie, Sagas, Wreckage of Progress and
VIRT. Advance tickets still available online.


Planetrox 中國區決賽正是每一隊樂隊夢寐以求既機會,因為勝者可以免費飛去加拿大參加音樂節!!
6月29號係灣仔 The Hub約定你啦!
今次參賽既隊伍有Cracklebox, Noisy Charlie, Sagas, Wreckage of Progress and VIRT.

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Judges for Planetrox China Final 2019 主題:Planetrox中國決賽2019年的評委


We are delighted to announce the three judges this year at Planetrox China Final 2019.
Simon Gaudry, organiser of Envol et Macadam, Jan Lo, singer of Qiu Hong and Jordie Guzman, Studio B Producer, Bassist and Podcaster.
Check out their special skills and tips for the five finalists in this year’s Planetrox China Final.
Judges votes counts for 75% of the scores.

Simon Gaudry,Envol et Macadam的組織者,Jan Lo,Qiu Hong和Jordie Guzman的歌手,Studio B製片人,Bassist和Podcaster。

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FWD Mellow Yellow Music Festival


Did you know The Underground is the co-organiser of FWD Mellow Yellow Music Festival? Come check out some great acts performing at Central Harbourfront.
5th July from 3pm to 9pm.

你知道The Underground是FWD Mellow Yellow Music Festival的共同組織者嗎?快來看看在海濱中心表演的精彩表演吧。

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Want to perform at The Underground? 想喺 The Underground 表演?


Got a band? Want a live performance review? Want some professional live shots of your band’s performance? Or you simply want to gig in Hong Kong? The Underground showcases are for the best bands playing original music. We also curate bands for other festivals, showcases and events. Simply apply to play using the form and we’ll get back to you. The more information you can give us, the quicker we’ll get back to you.

有樂隊?想有現場表演評論?想要專業嘅樂隊現場表演拍攝?或者純粹想係香港演出? The Underground 嘅演出俾機會玩原創音樂嘅樂隊表演。但我地亦為其他音樂節、演出、活動招募樂隊。

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Planetrox China Finalists announced. 主題:Planetrox中國決賽選手宣布


We are excited to say that these five awesome bands have made it through to the Planetrox China 2019 Finals.
我好開心宣布,有五支強大的樂隊已經入左Planetrox China 2019總決賽。


Which lucky band will win the trip to perform at a Canadian music festival?
Did you know your vote could help push your favourite band to going to Canada?
Audience votes counts for 25% of scores. See you on 29th June at The Hub!
觀眾投票占得分的25%。 6月29日在The Hub見

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​Looking for a band member? 搵緊Band友?


​We’ve heard of stories from several musicians on how they found a bandmate using our Classified ads. If you’re looking to join/form or start a new band, check out our Classified ads now. We are also happy to sell your gear and it’s all free for Hong Kong musicians.


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