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Next weekend is Heavy Unplugged 下個星期六就係Heavy Unplugged 《不插電搖滾夜》


Wan Chai Warriors, Mockingbird and Bamboo Star will be stepping out of their comfort zones in Sheung Wan as they prepare to put on an acoustic spin to their souped-up screamers. Come down to experiment with headbanging to acoustic music performed by these hard rockers. Advance tickets are $120 (including a drink). See you on 2nd September at Morrison Cafe & Bar.
Wan Chai Warriors, Mockingbird 同Bamboo Star將史無前例咁喺上環獻出佢地嘅第一次,準備以赤裸裸的音色演釋平時重 型搖擺嚎叫。一齊過黎睇下呢班搖滾樂手點樣以原色演奏本來教人揈頭揈腦嘅搖滾歌曲啦。優先飛只係港幣$120,仲包一 杯野飲。9月2號Morrison Café & Bar見。

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We interviewed Planetrox China 2017 winners 我地訪問左Planetrox 中國2017勝出樂隊


Check out this interview with NastyDudes to find out more about the Planetrox China 2017 winners. They will be heading to Canada, next month, to perform at Envol et Macadam and do some recording. Rock on NastyDudes!
睇下我地同NastyDudes嘅訪問片段,了解多D Planetrox 中國2017嘅大嬴家。下個月佢地就會飛去加拿大出演Envol et Macadam音樂節同錄音。Rock on NastyDudes﹗

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Want to know all the indie music gigs happening in Hong Kong? 想知道香港有什麼獨立音樂表演?


​We have a gig guide in our email newsletter which goes out every two weeks, sign up. It’s free. 來訂閱我們的Newsletter!每兩星期為你更新獨立音樂好去處,費用全免
The next newsletter is coming out this Thursday 17th August. 下期Newsletter將會於8月17號(星期四)發放 。
(the newsletter sign up is just above the Billboard Radio logo on the top left of our website!) (網上電郵通訊可在Billboard Radio 標誌上找到 – 本網站的左上角!)

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​Need a musician to complete your band? 主題:搵志同道合既Band友?


​Are you missing a bassist or drummer? Are you a singer looking to join an established band? Are you forming a new band? Check out our classified ads. Plenty of musicians looking to make music together.

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Chance of a Lifetime. Heavy Unplugged 一生人一次嘅機會。Heavy Unplugged 《不插電搖滾夜》


On 2nd September will be Heavy Unplugged. Make sure you’re there to witness three of Hong Kong’s best rock bands (Wan Chai Warriors, Mockingbird & Bamboo Star) tear it up acoustically in this one off event. Five lucky people will win Polaroid headphones too, in our lucky draw giveaway. Advance tickets only HK$120 and includes a drink. Grab a friend & book your tickets now.
9月2號就係Heavy Unplugged不插電搖滾夜。記得來黎見證香港其中三隊好正嘅搖滾樂隊(Wan Chai Warriors, Mockingbird & Bamboo Star竹星) 突破性黎一個不插電、一次過嘅原聲搖滾騷。

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Tonight is Rustic #3. 今晚就係《Underground清新民謠夜第三回》啦!


TONIGHT is the NIGHT!! Come along to see ​​Ewan Ho (何英瑋), Esimorp, The Pineapple Jam & Olga Chung, very talented folk musicians in Hong Kong ​and enjoy some Jack Daniels Cola! Online advance tickets (only HK$1​2​0) stop selling at 5pm and then it’s HK$1​6​0 walk-in from 7pm onwards. All tickets include a drink. See you later!
等到啦!今晚就同班friend黎睇哂咁多個音樂單位:Ewan Ho (何英瑋)、Esimorp、The Pineapple Jam同Olga Chung!係依度Morrison Cafe & Bar一齊飲住Jack Daniels睇show啦!優先門票($120)今日下就5點停止發售,快啲把握最後機會,即刻預訂啦. 今晚7點後walk-in可買即場門票($160)。所有門票包一杯飲品。即刻買飛啦!陣間見!

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