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20th January 2018 Volvo Ocean Race Saturday night afternoon 2018年1月20日Volvo Ocean Race環球帆船賽暨帆船嘉年華星期六下午


What a great afternoon of music planned for this Saturday. Chochukmo will be headlining the live music festival at Volvo Ocean Hong Kong‘s outdoor stage. Come and catch upcoming bands opening for Chochukmo, including Ewan Ho & Movement, EMPTY, Esimorp & The Three Hares. Enjoy some fun activities and great food whilst the best of Hong Kong bands entertain you.
今個星期六下午有好多好好聽的音樂等住你! 觸執毛將會擔領大旗踏上環球帆船賽嘉年華的戶外拉闊音樂舞台。來看觸執毛的同時, 順道欣賞其他暖場嘉賓包括何英瑋牧民、EMPTY、Esimorp和三兔。一邊食一邊玩, 等全港最正的樂隊為大家搞搞氣氛吧。


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Want someone to deal with making your band’s Tshirts? 問有人幫你處理訂製Band Tee的問題嗎?


A ​few months ago, our good friends Erkonauts (a band from Switzerland) asked us to make them 75 Tshirts to take on a China x Japan tour.
If you need some Tshirts, The Underground can help you too. Contact us for more details.
數月前, 一隊來自瑞士的友好樂隊Erkonauts剛委託我們為他製作75件Band T恤, 以應付他們在中國和日本的巡迴表演。
如果你的樂隊都需要自己的Band T恤, The Underground 亦可幫你製作。請聯絡我們取得詳情。

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19th January 2018 Volvo Ocean Race Opening 2018年1月19日Volvo Ocean Race環球帆船賽開幕


Come for a night of live music and fun as we wait for the boats to arrive, who have been sailing to Hong Kong from South Africa. Music from Cowhead, Helium3, Call Back ASAP, Zpecial & The Diving Ends will take you through genres ranging from acoustic all the way to rock. 我們一邊聽聽歌, 吹吹風, 一邊等待所有由南非出發航行到香港的帆船吧!當晚會有Cowhead, Helium3, Call Back ASAP未能接通, Zpecial同The Diving Ends帶各位的耳朵由原聲演出漫遊至搖滾各種音樂!


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Want to perform at The Underground? 想喺 The Underground 表演?


Got a band? Want a live performance review? Want some professional live shots of your band’s performance? Or you simply want to gig in Hong Kong? The Underground showcases are for the best bands playing original music. We also curate bands for other festivals, showcases and events. Simply apply to play using the form and we’ll get back to you. The more information you can give us, the quicker we’ll get back to you.

有樂隊?想有現場表演評論?想要專業嘅樂隊現場表演拍攝?或者純粹想係香港演出? The Underground 嘅演出俾機會玩原創音樂嘅樂隊表演。但我地亦為其他音樂節、演出、活動招募樂隊。

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Subscribe to our newsletter. 請訂閱我們的電子報


The secret is out! The Underground sends out (via email) a newsletter, every two weeks with a huge gig guide for Hong
Kong. Sign up now, it’s free. Sometimes we even give away tickets to shows.

號外!The Underground 將會每兩星期以電郵方式送出電子報,其中包括一個兩星期的香港音樂會指南。

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