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Next week is Rustic #2 下星期就係Rustic #2!


Come along to celebrate the diversity of the local folk music scene and discover your new favourite band. Have you grabbed your advance tickets yet? Only HK$110 and includes a drink.
(no credit card? Grab your advance ticket from Morrisons directly)
一齊黎欣賞香港多元化嘅本地民謠音樂同發掘你鐘意嘅樂隊啦! 你仲未買優先飛? 只需要港幣110仲你送一杯野飲添。
(冇信用卡? 直接到Morrisons 買定優先飛都得架。)

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Want to know all the indie music gigs happening in Hong Kong? 想知道香港有什麼獨立音樂表演?


We have a gig guide in our email newsletter which goes out every two weeks, sign up. It’s free. 來訂閱我們的Newsletter!每兩星期為你更新獨立音樂好去處,費用全免
The next newsletter is coming out this Thursday 11th May 2017. 下期Newsletter將會於5月11號(星期四)發放 。
(the newsletter sign up is just above the Volkswagen x Underground Battle of the Bands logo on the top left of our website!) (網上電郵通訊可在Volkswagen x Underground Battle of the Bands 標誌上找到 – 本網站的左上角!)

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Volkswagen x The Underground Battle of the Bands Final is on 27 May 2017. Volkswagen x The Underground Battle of the Bands決賽於2017年5月27日舉行


Tickets are now on sale for the final happening at Hang out (Sai Wan Ho) on Saturday 27 May. Each band will perform for 12 minutes (3 songs) and will be doing their best to impress our judges from KOLOR, SCMP and to be confirmed. Audience votes counts for 25 % of the votes, so come down and see if you have a knack for picking winners.
5月27日星期六西灣河Hang Out決賽門票現已有售。每隊樂隊屆時會有12分鐘 (約3首歌)表演,並會在來自KOLOR,南華早報和??的評判面前爭取最佳表現。觀眾的投票比重佔25%,所以且來看看你有沒有選出優勝樂隊的銳利眼光。

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Looking for a band member? 搵緊Band友?


We’ve heard of stories from several musicians on how they found a bandmate using our Classified ads. If you’re looking to join/form or start a new band, check out our Classified ads now. We are also happy to sell your gear and it’s all free for Hong Kong musicians.

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This Friday is last day to sign up for Planetrox China 2017 今個星期五就係最後一日報名參加Planetrox中國區2017


Want to play in Canada’s top music festival? Join Planetrox, one of the most-anticipated worldwide music competitions every year. If you win, you will get a festival slot at Envol et Macadam, Quebec’s leading alternative music festival, where you will reach an international audience and take your band to a whole new level. Sign up NOW with your best original song and a video! Deadline is 5th May.
你想唔想到加拿大最頂尖的音樂節演出? 而家就參加每年其中一個最令人期待嘅全球音樂比賽Planetrox。如果你嬴左就可以飛去加拿大魁北克市,到佢地嘅另類音樂節Envol et Macadam中演出,等你地有機會接觸國際性嘅觀眾群,同時帶領你嘅樂隊提升到另一個層次。即刻搵定你地最正嘅一首原創歌同短片報名參加啦! 截止報名日期係5月5號。

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Tonight is The Underground’s 13 Year anniversary party. 今晚就係我地The Underground 13週年派對啦


TONIGHT is the NIGHT!! Celebrating 13 years of hosting live music events in Hong Kong! Come along to see some great Hong Kong bands and enjoy some Jack Daniels Cola! Online advance tickets (only HK$110) stop selling at 5pm and then it’s HK$150 walk-in from 9:30pm onwards. All tickets include a drink. See you later!
就係今晚啦﹗﹗慶祝我地喺香港搞現場拉闊音樂第13年﹗一齊黎聽聽香港音樂同嘆下Jack Daniels Cola啦﹗網上優先飛 (只售港幣110) 到今晚五點鐘就停售,到時九點半後即場票價賣港幣150元。所有飛都包一杯野飲架。今晚見﹗

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Tomorrow is The Underground’s 13 Year anniversary party. 聽日就係The Underground 13週年派對


The Underground team and the participating bands are all super excited about tomorrow night’s event. You’re going to be able to watch some great bands, drink Jack Daniels Cola and have a chance of winning prizes from our wonderful sponsors including Hotel Icon and Feel Good Factor. There are still some advance tickets left for only HK$110 each (includes a drink!) See you tomorrow 9:30pm onwards at Orange Peel.

The Underground嘅團隊同所有會到場嘅樂隊都好期待聽晚嘅派對﹗至於你地就可以睇下音樂,飲下Jack Daniels Cola,仲隨時有機會嬴走我地好正嘅贊助禮券包括有唯港薈二人自助餐同Feel Good Factor美容療程。仲有少量優先飛淨,只係賣每位港幣110 。(仲包一杯野飲添﹗) 聽日九點半後Orange Peel見。

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