Planetrox China 2019 ~ Planetrox 中國區


24-05-19 @



    Does your band dream of going International? Wouldn’t it be great if you could perform in front of a large audience and have your flights and hotel paid?
    Planetrox China is one way to make your dreams come true. Bands in China, apply now and move one step closer to fulfilling your dreams.
    有冇諗過你嘅樂隊可以衝出國際?想唔想對住一大班外國觀眾表演,仲要包埋你機票酒店? Planetrox中國區就係實現你樂隊夢想嘅不二之選!中國區嘅樂隊,快啲報名實現夢想啦!

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