The Damned in Hong Kong. The Damned in 香港


06-02-17 @



    UK’s punk rock legends celebrate their milestone 40th anniversary this year and to celebrate with their overseas disciples, the band will be heading to Hong Kong, to perform on 28th of February to play a special set of their biggest and best songs. Local Hong Kong teenage punk band The Pansies will be the opening act. Doors open at 7pm. Tickets for Hong Kong show are now available
    英國朋克搖滾傳奇The Damned為慶祝其成軍四十年週年,將遠赴海外巡演與各地粉絲一同分享這個特別的年頭。2月28日就會抵達香港,演出一系列大熱歌曲。The Damned 被認為是繼Sex Pistols和The Clash之後,第三大英國朋克樂隊,亦是唯一一隊能於第一波朋克潮發跡後仍存在至今的樂隊。 本地朋克樂隊Pansies將作為暖場嘉賓。活動於當日7時開始,門票現於thepointofsale.hk有售。


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