The Underground Sub Terra Series. The Underground Sub Terra系列


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    For those of you who haven’t been to The Hub yet, besides it being a totally cool venue right next to Wanchai MTR station, it’s actually NOT a bar, so for all our Sub Terra series, we have an opening band that are under 18. Finally our chance to showcase some of the younger hard working musicians in Hong Kong. Check out our next event on 25th February, Sub Terra #5.

    如果你未去過The Hub,除左佢係灣仔地鐵站旁邊一個好正嘅場地之外,佢並唔係一間酒吧,所以Sub Terra系列嘅所有表演先有18歲以下嘅樂隊開場。咁先有機會可以展示一下香港新一代默默耕耘嘅音樂人。記得留意黎緊2月25號Sub Terra


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