This Friday is FWD Mellow Yellow Music Festival. 今個星期五就係FWD Mellow Yellow Music Festival


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    What is Mellow Yellow?
    It’s a low-key live music festival and is taking place this Friday 5th July at Central Harbourfront. There will be a Main Stage featuring live music performances, a busking stage with solo and small groups of acoustic performers, booths with entertainment as well as a children’s area and food stalls. It’s all free and doors open 3pm and runs till 9pm.
    咩係Mellow Yellow?
    係一種好放鬆既音樂會同埋就係7月5號今個禮拜五中環海濱活動空間舉行。到時主舞台將會有音樂表演,而busking 舞台則會有自彈自唱同天然風格既表演,仲有唔少攤位係提供食物同適合一家大細玩既小遊戲。整個活動由下午3點開始到9點結束都係免費入場架!

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