This Saturday is our 15th Anniversary Party 今個星期六就係我地15週年狂歡派對啦!!


07-04-19 @



    Our second event this year celebrating 15 years, this one is at Grappa’s Cellar! Besides awesome live music, we’re also giving away fantastic prizes in our lucky draw. The pizzas at Grappa’s Cellar are also out of this world, so come on down and grab dinner, sip some Jack Daniels Cola and enjoy some of the best bands currently on the Hong Kong live music scene.

    作為今年慶祝15週年既第二個重頭戲,今次派對將會喺 Grappa’s Cellar 舉行! 除咗有精彩既樂隊演出,我地仲準備左幸運大抽獎。有Grappa’s Cellar 既世界級薄餅,嚟同我地食個晚飯,嘆住 Jack Daniel Cola ,一齊享受下香港近來其中幾隊最好既樂隊表演啦。

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