Tomorrow is Rustic #2 聽日就係Rustic #2!


19-05-17 @



    The Underground team and the participating bands are all super excited about tomorrow night’s event. You’re going to be able to watch some great bands and sip your Jack Daniels Cola all in the amazingly hospitable Morrison Cafe. There are still some advance tickets left for only HK$110 each (includes a drink!) See you tomorrow 8pm onwards.
    The Underground團隊同表演樂隊都非常期待住聽晚嘅表演! 而你地就可以喺Morrison Cafe一邊嘆Jack Daniels Cola ,一邊觀賞樂隊音樂。仲有少少優先飛賣,只係每人港幣110。 (仲包一杯野飲!) 聽日八點後見!

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