Tomorrow is Rustic #3. 聽日就係啦!《Underground清新民謠夜第三回》聽日開show!


04-08-17 @



    We are all super excited about tomorrow night’s event with folk music balladry and even some bluegrass. Morrison Cafe & Bar are also known for their amazing burgers (including an award-winning vegetarian burger). Eat, drink & enjoy some of the greatest folk music in Hong Kong. There are still some advance tickets left for only HK$120 each (includes a drink!) See you tomorrow, first band, Ewan Ho (何英瑋), starts 8:20pm.
    清新民謠加上藍草詠調,不如趁weekend放慢腳步,聽聽幾位清新聲音。邊聽歌之餘,仲可以邊嘆Morrison Cafe & Bar出名嘅漢堡包 (素食漢堡包仲攞過獎架)。有show睇又有好野食,約埋班friend黎玩番晚啦!而家仲有少量優先門票,優惠價$120連野飲!網上預訂優先門票. 演出單位包括:Ewan Ho (何英瑋)、Esimorp、The Pineapple Jam & Olga Chung;聽日8點準時聽歌!

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