Tonight is Rustic #3. 今晚就係《Underground清新民謠夜第三回》啦!


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    TONIGHT is the NIGHT!! Come along to see ​​Ewan Ho (何英瑋), Esimorp, The Pineapple Jam & Olga Chung, very talented folk musicians in Hong Kong ​and enjoy some Jack Daniels Cola! Online advance tickets (only HK$1​2​0) stop selling at 5pm and then it’s HK$1​6​0 walk-in from 7pm onwards. All tickets include a drink. See you later!
    等到啦!今晚就同班friend黎睇哂咁多個音樂單位:Ewan Ho (何英瑋)、Esimorp、The Pineapple Jam同Olga Chung!係依度Morrison Cafe & Bar一齊飲住Jack Daniels睇show啦!優先門票($120)今日下就5點停止發售,快啲把握最後機會,即刻預訂啦. 今晚7點後walk-in可買即場門票($160)。所有門票包一杯飲品。即刻買飛啦!陣間見!

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