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The Underground HK is thrilled to be collaborating with PlanetRox once again for the seventh year in search of a talented band from China to perform at the Envol et Macadam music festival in Quebec, Canada this September. Funded by the Quebec government, the initiative of Envol et Macadam is to discover the up-and-coming bands in each of the participating countries and to present them to the public each September at Envol et Macadam, Quebec’s top alternative music festival. The music festival is a wonderful opportunity for your band to showcase your music to an international audience of over 20,000 music fans as well as professionals in the music industry. As with previous years, the festival will provide return air-flights and four nights accommodation in a four-star hotel for the winning band. The winning band will perform at the festival and be included in the festival promotions. The winning band will have free entry to attend all stages and mingle with music professionals and other bands. Seize the opportunity and sign up now!! (

The Underground HK 非常高興和PLANETROX 和加拿大魁北克市第七次合作舉辦 PLANETROX,尋找並帶同一對來自中國的樂隊前往於 2016年 9月8日至9月10日當地舉 行的Envol et Macadam音樂節參與演出。 此音樂節是以另類原創音樂為主題,亦是當地 最大的原創另類音樂節。 大會將會為勝出的樂隊提供來回加拿大魁北克市的機票以及四 晚四星級酒店住宿。另外,勝出的樂隊將會被包括於當地音樂節的宣傳中並獲得在現場演 出的機會以及獲取全免費通行證到各個舞台與世界各地的樂隊及音樂人作交流! 機會難 得!各位band友,立即到PLANETROX的網站報名!







Winners of PlanetRox China 2016 – Sugar Bro from Hong Kong:
It was an absolutely remarkable experience for us performing in Canada. Not only did we make a lot of friends, it was also a great opportunity for all of our band members to spend more time together, to get to know each other better and travel around the city. It is definitely a valuable experience! Join now and win your chance to fly to Canada!
– Sugar Bro

2016 年勝出樂隊, 來自澳門的 Sugar Bro:
如果你們想將自己樂隊的音樂讓更多聽眾享受的話,那就不要猶疑,快去報名參加Planetrox 這個比賽吧!
– Sugar Bro


Bamboo Star_web

Winners of PlanetRox China 2015 – Bamboo Star from Hong Kong:
“Performing in Quebec was equal parts surreal and amazing. We met fantastic musicians from all over the globe, worked with professionals on a world-class festival stage and of course, immersed in the beautiful history and heritage that Eastern Canada had to offer…. oh and poutine. Obscenely irresponsible amounts of poutine.” -WolfRed, Bamboo Star

2015 年勝出樂隊, 來自澳門的 Bamboo Star:
“在加拿大魁北克市演出既興奮又超乎現實的想像!在那我們認識了很多世界各地非常傑出及優秀的音樂家。能夠跟世界知名的專業人才合作非常值得留念,當然那舞台亦十分值得享受…阿!還有當地美食 – 是大量的美食!” – WolfRed, Bamboo Star

wondergarl_quebecWinners of PlanetRox China 2014 –Wondergarl from Hong Kong:
Planetrox is the best competition for bands because it not only gives us a chance to share our music in Hong Kong but also a very good chance for us to bring our music to overseas countries! It was a nice experience to participate in Planetrox for us, don’t hesitate, go for this competition and win your tickets to Quebec City, Canada and share our Hong Kong culture out!

2014 年勝出樂隊, 來自澳門的神奇膠:
– Kelvin Lo (Wondergarl)

Winners of PlanetRox China 2013 –Shotgun Politics from Hong Kong:
“Planetrox was probably the best thing to happen to our band. The opportunity to travel to another part of the world and play your music at a festival with your best friends is an experience that cannot be underestimated. When all of us first picked up our instruments as frustrated teenagers, we would play make believe of playing massive concerts. Anybody in a band who tells you otherwise is lying!”

2013 年勝出樂隊, 來自澳門的Shotgun Politics:
“Planetrox是我們樂隊遇過最好的一件事,有機會到世界另一端參與音樂節、分享我們的音樂,當中的得著不能低估。年青時首次執起樂器組成樂隊,大家都希望最終能踏上大型演出舞台,說毫不期待這些機會是不可能的!” – Shotgun Politics,

Winners of PlanetRox China 2012-Turtle Giant from Macau:

“We appreciated participating in Planetrox and the trip to Quebec City and the festival was a wonderful experience. We met great musicians over there and made some friends. It also helped us build momentum and get our music heard in other places. The experience was definitely worth it”—Beto Ritchie,Turtle Giant
2012 年勝出樂隊, 來自澳門的Turtle Giant:
「我們很榮幸參加了PlanetRox的音樂節和魁北克市之旅,是美好的經歷。我們在那裡認識了一些傑出的音樂人,也結識了一些朋友。 參與音樂節讓我們的音樂傳遞到更多的地方。 整個經驗絕對值得。」
-Beto Ritchie, Turtle Giant

Winners of PlanetRox China 2011- Noughts & Exes from Hong Kong:
“Playing Planetrox was good fun. It gave us our first ever show in North America and an opportunity to bring our sound to the good folk of Canada while meeting other like-minded bands from around the world”—Gideon, Noughts & Exes

2011 年勝出樂隊, 來自香港的Noughts & Exes:
「參與Planetrox是一次很有趣的經驗。它給予我們機會踏足北美的舞台,將我們的歌曲表演給加拿大的朋友,並與來自世界各地有相同理念的樂隊交朋友。」-Gideon, Noughts & Exes


1. Each participating band will register online on before May 5th 2017, 5pm (EST : Eastern Standard Time), upload an MP3 of one of their original songs – send the subscription fee’s payment (25$USD / HKD200 / RMB200 per band, taxes included) – and a panel of international industry judges will choose the 10 semi-finalists.
1. 每隊參與的樂隊必須在5月5日下午五時前(東部標準時間)網上登記並上傳一首原創歌曲的mp3,以及邀交參賽費用(每隊USD25 / HKD200 / RMB200,包稅),由國際音樂界專業人仕組成的評審團將從每個參與國家中選出10隊樂隊入圍準決賽。

2. The 10 semi-finalists will upload a video of their song. An online public voting process will then follow and 5 finalists will be chosen by the results of this public vote combined 50/50 with the judges’ vote.
2. 每個參與國家中入圍準決賽的10隊樂隊上傳一段音樂錄像。由4月27日至5月11日期間接受公眾的投票及評審團將以50/50的比重選出5隊樂隊晉身決賽。

3. The 5 finalists will perform in a live National Finale (7th July) in their country and an audience vote combined 25/75 with a panel of industry judges vote will decide the winning band.
3. 每個參與國家中入圍決賽的5隊樂隊將在地區決賽中現場演出作品。現場觀眾投票及評審團將以25/75的比重選出勝出樂隊。 (7月7日)

4. The winning band from each of the countries will be invited to perform at one of Canada’s biggest live music events, the Envol et Macadam Festival in Quebec City on September 7th or 9th 2017.
4. 來自各個國家的勝出樂隊將獲邀於2017年9月7日或9月9日參與加拿大最大的現場音樂活動– Envol et Macadam音樂節的演出。(大會將提供往返航班和4晚住宿)

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