ChoChukMo 觸執毛

u71100.jpgLive Review from Underground 71:

Chochokmo were undeniably super. Hailed by some (who know about these things) as the best band in Hong Kong, Chochokmo brought unabashed star quality to the Underground. True front-man presence with voice, guitar and poses to match. Every musician confident and tight, and I suspect they all have matching tattoos.

Two major thumbs up from me: first, I couldn’t think of a single other band with whom to compare them. Second, I could imagine listening for double the 30 minute set they played and not get bored.

It didn’t matter that one or two of their numbers seemed a little short of a melody, or indeed a point. Even these non-songs had more interest than the manic beat changes of some of their predecessors.

The last two songs of an outstanding set were twin high points. The penultimate song was completely together, with each musician feeding off his/her bandmates while all supporting Jan. By the last, called Strawberry, the whole band were clearly having fun ¨C what a friendly place the Underground is!
Paul M

Click here to watch ChoChukMo playing their original song: Head To Toe!


Letter from Chochukmo about CD Launch Party A:

Asahi became a part of my music career just like the underground and chris B. there are great bands playing but i just cant take my eyes off that rock milf chris b. i must control myself, she is a “mom” and a “hot mom”, those are my favourite google keywords” – Jan Curious

My dad rocks! It’s my first time seeing my dad dance, and I would proudly say, he definitely ruled the dance floor! The party was awesome, and we all enjoyed ourselves so much. Three cheers to the Underground, for producing such a cool compilation CD for some indie sound in the city. I love the record, I truly do.” – Mike Orange

What a great party which created a chance for me to date a girl, and we stayed together inside from beginning till the end, and she enjoyed the music a lot. All of my friends are happy with the $150 deal, they think it’s so worthy! My friend Cliff said he should be the luckiest person for the night. He’s right when Chris B announced his name at the lucky draw session, but too bad he left just minutes before the lucky draw.” – Les Hunter

This show means a lot to me as I am not just being a part of the band, but also the underground and the CD, it had been more than 3 years that I am with underground, I really feel proud of this as I know this is really hard to keep a local band business in Hong Kong, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop. As Same as for Chochukmo, we went through the up and down, and the current chochukmo is definitely an “UP” for me, this show is the third show we have for the current line up, and I feel like that this is just a beginning of something better, and this feeling of motivation really make me feeling alive.” – Yanyan Something

Thanks Underground for releasing this Compilation CD which provided the bands an opportunity of showing what the bands have been working hard for. This is such an encouragement for the local bands to have their music published, and to be listened by more and more people.” – Kitty Trouble


Live Review from Underground 55:
ChoChukMo are a fun band and I liked them. It’s your three guitar and drum line up and they were dressed in coordinating hot pink shirts for the guys and a bright pink skirt for their female guitarist. Hairdos and ties were also matching with the rest of the look. Visuals aside they play well together and have established a comfortable rapport between themselves, their instruments and their music. They also have fun on the stage. You can hear their Franz Ferdinand influenced music in their earlier numbers of their set but they’re more than that. They can be louder, have a 80’s feel to them at other times, and their first self-penned number “Strawberry” went down well, even though they professed to having not practiced for a long while. It’s probably true as one of their members couldn’t remember which song was next at one point. They were pretty darn good already so I’ll just have to imagine what they’re like when they really get into it. Definitely worth checking the next time they play.
Chris in Hong Kong at Underground 55


Live Review from Underground 43:
a jazzy peppy sort of hard rock, songs are short and concentrated. influenced by the more daring 70s “oldies” but totally their own style. each song is a mini-epic step into a grand high-speed rebellion against drudgery. even their slow songs are a half-speed version of something much faster. any uncertainties are quickly drowned out by their deep vigor and positivity. very hard rock, but a very happy type. Love the stage clothes!


Live Review from Underground 19:
Singer announces that “He really likes Mental Vehicle – best band in HK”. A 4 piece with a female bassist. 80’s punk-pop-rock style hinting of Moden English/Vapours and the soundtrack to “Not Another Teen Movie” filtered through a haze of Blink182 cum Offspring/Anthrax – great drum/bass combo. With songs titled such as “What the fuck..?”, this band is BETTER (to me) than Franz Ferdinand (who just seem to write jarring ugly tunes). During the catchy song “Caroline” there’s heavy moshing and crowd surfing happening. ChoChukMo have the live appeal of The Outlaws (check out the song “High Tides & Green Grass”) and also REO Speedwagon before they went power ballad.
Awarded: “Most Cool Pop Punk Band of Underground 19″
Nick Lovatt

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