Cursed Eyes


Live review from Heavy #13:

1. River Of Blood
2. When The Hell Was Calling
3. Freezing To Death
4. Running Before Dawn
5. Future In My Eyes

Headliners Cursed Eyes took to the Orange Peel stage with the kind of heads-down diligence that tells you to expect something technical and very, very heavy. It was only last December that the band played their Shazza show, but they turned enough heads in the meantime to be rewarded with a Heavy headline slot.

The ferocity began with the velvety riffs and gurgling vocals of River of Blood, one of the least dramatically named songs in a five-song of pure death metal theatrics. Big-haired frontman and guitarist Benjamin Cheng tortured his tonsils with a formidable growl that didn’t let up for the whole set – an impressive feat considering his simultaneous intricate fretwork.

Blending influences from The Faceless to Slayer to Fleshgod Apocalyse to Necrophagia, the band layered its music with surgical precision, before blasting through it all with walls of distorted, downtuned riffing. After the sinister When Hell Was Calling, it was time for the first live outing for Freezing To Death, a hornet’s nest of tremolo picking and barked vocals.

“I want you to go crazy for me,” ordered Cheng before introducing closer Future In My Eyes with a demonic roar. Naturally, the room obliged in a maelstrom of thrashing limbs and wind-milling hair to the tune of melodic riffing, crashing drums, frog-croak vocals and a shrieking Iron Maiden solo. “Wow! I’ve never seen so much dancing at a Heavy night,” remarked Chris B at the end of the set. It was a rip-roaring finale to a knockout event.

– El Jay

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