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IMG_9588.JPG Live Review from True to This:

1. Rip Tide (Cover – Vance Joy)
2. Crown
3. Me & Bobby McGee (Cover – Kris Kristofferson and Fred Foster)
4. Electric Love (Cover – BØRNS)
5. Three Sixty

It’s always nerve-wracking to open a show, especially when the succeeding acts foster sounds designed to give the listener a headache the next morning. But when Dixie Lynne Lonergan takes to the stage on her own and begins to sing, the bustling Hang Out gymnasium shuts up and listens.

This pitch-perfect singer-songwriter and guitarist has all the makings of a major star. Performing a carefully-picked mix of country pop covers and originals, she leads an enraptured audience into her soul and invites them to stay for five electrifying songs.

She opens with Vance Joy’s emotive ‘Riptide’. His lyrics “I was scared of dentists and the dark/I was scared of pretty girls and starting conversations” take on a new gravitas at Lynne’s lips, before she introduces her first original, ‘Crown’ – a soft song oozing with romantic languor.

Lynne’s voice is stunningly clear. Without a hint of the shrieking, rasping or warbling attributed to many female soloists, her crisp, earnest vocals deliver thoughtful lyrics that send shivers down the spine.

Three Sixty’ shows a startling songwriting maturity and musical wisdom rare for even most established country artists. A simple lyrical hook and tender themes makes the set closer one of the evening’s standout performances.

There’s a sharp inhalation of disbelief when Chris B reveals that Lynne is just 14 years old and somewhere in the crowd, her parents chuckle in recognition. It’s inevitable Lynne will be likened to Taylor Swift, whose own career began aged 14, but with such stage presence and emotional dexterity, it’s a trajectory this promising new star may well follow.
– El Jay

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