Fantastic Day


Live Review from Underground 46:
Fantastic Day are a hard one to categorise. I saw them first at one of the early Rockit concerts and I thought they were a real standout act. Since then they’ve gone through a few changes, but they still have an interesting and varied sound.
The band set up and launched into the first number in an amazingly short space of time, although they didn’t announce any of the song titles, so I’ll do my best to describe them musically. The first was a guitarry wash of a pop tune which made you feel like a sunny Sunday afternoon. There were shades of Boo Radleys and Dream Parade in there. Switching to the synth, and setting it to wurlitzer mode for the second track, the sound changed a bit but still retained the sunny pop vibe. Although the sound was good, the vocals weren’t too hot on these first two tracks which spoilt them a bit. I found out later that this was the one band who hadn’t bothered with a soundcheck. Do one next time guys!
A change of style brought the third song in a menacing, grinding tone, and a small keyboard malfunction at the end was taken in good humour. Then back to an ambitiously uptempo fourth number which sounded a bit like the Housemartins. By the fifth and sixth tracks the vocals were sounding a lot better, and these were the strongest songs of the set. The last track had a New Ordery buzz about it — mainly due to the bassline — and the sweeping keyboards. A great finish. A couple of the tracks can be found on the band’s


Live Review from Underground 27:
First time I’ve been to Underground and this band kicked off with a leap by the lead singer onto the guitarist which had them rolling on stage – not sure if it was meant to be cool but it certainly kept me watching from then onwards! Musically this was probably the best band of the night, their songs are melodic and catchy and refreshingly innovative for the HK music scene. Who do they remind me of? Perhaps early Blur or early Suede, I’m glad I caught “HK’s premiere homosexual rent boy cum gothic band” – no gothic in there but shades of New Order. The keyboard were impressive. Only weak point may be the singer needs his vocals tuned into the melody a bit – but the music is strong enough for us to forgive this! I’ll be back for more.
Phil Hedges


Live Review from Underground 6:
I walked through the open doors of The Venue last night at 8.30 for the first Underground of 2005. Apparently Joe Bananas said the U was not quite their image (they are right there) and thus declined the U’s kind offer for the New Year. In stepped, rather eagerly, the Venue, and all present were looking forward to a rather fun night. First on were Lamma’s answer to A Flock of Seagulls, namely FANTASTIC DAY.I saw them at last year’s Rockit festival and thought them cool. Their haircuts were not so poncey this time. To be more accurate, I think they are aiming for more of a Pulp/Talk Talk type sound, which when it works sounds very nice. The sound was excellent, as it was all night, and each number received warm applause. Their band name comes from an old Haircut 100 number and you can hear their influence too. A good start to the night.
William Sickey

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