Joao Caetano (Macau)


Live review from Macau Underground Two:
A young band featuring 2 Portuguese, with a lot of support from their friends & fans, they made a very good beginning to liven up the show, their set covered a lot of different styles of music, from catchy heavy rock to soft rock and they even threw in a bit of jazz!
Young folks were out in force for the next act, Joao Caetano, a recent returner from Hong Kong. Hitting the stage in a rock-star white prayer-robe and looking every bit ‘the youth’, Caetano cranked up the tempo and the volume with his positive-message rock. His time in England seems to have been musically well-spent, and he has returned to Macau with a sound ranging from soulful to raucous. Breaking up his set with mid-set solos by guitarist Rodrigo and drummer Mathew, Joao mixed it up and pleased the many fans who had come to see him.
Jeremy Phillips

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