IMG_0153.JPGLive review from Underground 115:
1. Departure
2. I don’t belong here
3. 末日後
4. 最初
5. Goodbye

Mockingbird’s stated mission is “to let everyone find their true selves deep down” through their music. With such a lofty goal, a musical journey was to be expected. But, unexpectedly, it was Mockingbird’s split personality that dominated the travelogue.
The band kicked off in strong style, the four instrumental members churning out melodic riffs and pounding beats and Winnie wielding the mic like a she-demon. Emo-punk with a sharp, heavy edge and a sense of fun. They cramped up a little when they pulled things back, but they were adept when cutting loose, and Winnie’s wail was the icing on the cake.
Then: Cantopop. Two songs into the set, without any warning, Mockingbird executed a stunning backflip into a parallel dimension. Suddenly we were magically transported to a jumbo karaoke room in Causeway Bay where the Vicodin of musical genres reigned supreme. Cantopop! Wheeee, smile and wave along!
Two songs later, as if to lower us gently back to Earth, Mockingbird said Goodbye with a relatively standard, Cantonese-language, American-style pop rocker. But I’m still not sure where reality is.
– Brendan Clift

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Performances by Mockingbird: