Nasty Dudes


Live review from Heavy #12:

1. You Can’t Stop Me
2. T.G.I.F
3. Life Goes On
4. Step Right Up

Nasty Dudes??! Nasty Dudes! What a name. The most amusingly-monikered band of the night may have trudged in nearly too late for their slot, but they brought their A-game to the stage with a cheeringly OTT classic rock set that evoked KISS, Aerosmith, Van Halen and Whitesnake. A deceptively short setlist was puffed out with constant, frivolous musical embellishment – guitar noodling, solos, and hair swishing at every single opportunity. While guitarist Kim and bassist Warren teamed up for Steel Panther style for dual power stance rocking, vocalist Terry reached the upper echelons with warbles and wails that would make Axl Rose wince admiringly.

Opener You Can’t Stop Me was a grab bag of hair metal clichés: stickin’ it to the man lyrics, woah-woah-woah singalong sections, and shrieking fretwork. After second song T.G.I.F, Kim let rip with the first of many lengthy solos; his fingers a blur as they flickered over the notes. Terry sat back to admire the scene as Kim passed the spotlight to Warren and drummer Chris, who belied his niceboy bowl-cut ‘do with a rapid fire solo leading to an instrumental funk-rhythm duet.

Life Goes On was another melting pot of all-American retro rock tropes. The sun-soaked track allowed terry to reclaim the limelight with an outstanding, soulful performance. It was singalong time again as the band led punters into a wistful “na na na na” ending, before breaking it up with a barn hoedown solo. It was overblown, tacky, bombastic…and entirely in keeping with the genre.
The energy was ramped up one final time for closing track Step Right Up. A beefed-up riff punctured the nostalgia as the band shed its glam rock wings for something nastier. Kim’s face was a blur in scribble of hair as he delivered the final, triumphant solo of the set. Spinal Tap could never compete.
– El Jay

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