Scamper (Macau)

scamper2.jpgLive Review from Macau Underground 3:
By far the most experienced band at the show and they lived up to their name. Scamper gave a the crowd a night to remember. In a set that could be defined in one simple word, “enthusiasm,” scamper started high and only kept going up from there. The crowd jumped and bumped to scampers up-beat rhythms which was the perfect way to close out the show.
Olinto Oliveira


Live Review from Underground 65:
Never underestimate. Somehow after talking to a few people, I notice it’s a general concensus that Macau probably doesn’t have very good bands.

By now, you would have guessed what I was going to say. There is a Chinese saying “only a tough dragon would cross the water”, meaning anyone from overseas must be great. That saying is definitely inaccurate. But not in Scamper’s case.

Yes, you guessed it right. On the bio, it was said the band was formed in 2006. They certainly looked that. Five guys that looked like they’re fresh out of high school, Scamper, with the right sounds, mix of songs and even the correct postures, were clearly ready for the big stage. With the good fortune of being the last band to sound check, their equipment were well-set for the show, and they got on, grabbed the equipment and gave us all a solid rocking set. Good energy did its job and quickly there was a crowd in front of the stage. Singer Angus demonstrated a good baritone on the first few songs and went on to travel to the high notes with ease. In their emo and punk spirit the songs were energetic jump-ready and served very well to get your attention to the young drummer El, who would win best drummer that night if there was a competition. Scamper wrote well-crafted emo songs that could give My Chemical Romance a run for the money, and I think I have to back that up by saying the guitar, bass, drums and vocals were working together very well. I felt energetic myself and had to ask … wait, only the second band? just to realize that the crowd slowly dissipated. Huh!? something wrong I didn’t notice?Bun Ng


Live Review from Macau Underground One:
A emo band played second last of that night, their heavy and catchy songs excited the audience to move, dance and scream, their energetic performance also made a break-out for that night.
Bringing a fresh, young fan base and some very styling haircuts to Macau Underground, local pop-punk upstarts Scamper excited their fans and infiltrated the crowd with their infectious enthusiasm. Their sound manages to take a living energy from today’s musical styles while avoiding the excesses deep Emo. These boys took to the stage like it was their second home and we may see big things from the black-clad crowd-pleasers in the future.
Jeremy Phillip


Live Review from Macau Underground Zero:
First band, Scamper, a band formed by 5 young teenages, presented a set of screamo and metal songs, their drummer Joel provided a very solid beat as to rock the crowd and get them well prepared for the rest of the show.

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