final29.JPG Live review from Uncovered: Not your usual cover bands 原創翻唱音樂會:

1. We Are Young – Fun
2. Titanium – David Guetta
3. High and Dry – Radiohead
4. Numb – Linkin Park
5. All These Things that I’ve Done – The Killers
6. Big Bad World – Kodaline
7. End of the Road – Boyz II Men

當晚第一隊的表演單位是二人acoustic 組合SPAM,兩個人兩枝木結他反而讓人更期待。

他們先以耳熟能詳的We Are Young開場,兩枝結他都作rhythm guitar,伴著十分和諧的和音,讓人聽著十分舒服,也和原唱感覺不一樣。主唱有著高亢和較尖的嗓音,相對和唱的聲線沒有那麼響亮,就算唱高三度和音也不會搶,也因此聽著十分舒服。總的來說,SPAM二人把兩枝結他的工作分配得還不錯,也成功製造不同層次,從觀眾的反應也知道他們的投入程度,玩cover的好處可能就是大家都熟悉那些歌曲,容易湊成全場大合唱的感動場面,尤其在他們當晚最後一首歌End of the Road時,用大合唱來完結是蠻感動的。不過,美中不足的,應該還是假音的方面,若能再稍稍的穩定一些整個表現會更完美。但對筆者來說,他們絕對還是一隊頗會表演的組合,期待下一次聽他們唱原創歌曲吧。
– Sidick Lam

The charming Aaron and Nate come together on stage as SPAM, an acoustic act that plays the poppiest songs around – starting with “We Are Young” by Fun, the band got the crowd singing through their set, playing popular hits like “Titanium” by David Guetta and even hazarding a very different approach to “Numb” by Linkin Park that was very unique. Aaron’s peppy attitude and charm with Nate’s unique voice came and brought the crowd swaying and dancing together with almost a club atmosphere. Throughout their set, Aaron used his energetic character to get the crowd pumped up, playing with the Singha Beer balloon while Nate busted out riff after riff with beautiful vocals accompanying his partner. The crowd interaction from Aaron and explosive talent from Nate was a very fitting dynamic, SPAM definitely felt like the band that you’d hire at your party to get everyone in a good mood.

The highlight of their set was the crowd putting their soul into “End of the Road” by Boyz to Men, a passionate ending to their hit song set. SPAM is definitely set to be a well-known band thanks to their charm and wit, and ability to get the crowd belting along with them while they bust out acoustic versions of hit after hit. If you like to party, then you should definitely look out for SPAM playing near you.
– Sherman Leung

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