Live Review from The Underground Festival @ Fanzone

As the guys from ToNick started setting up, I heard someone say “the fan club is here”; and I looked up to see that it was indeed “here”. A really serious crowd had started to throng around the stage, and the expectant buzz had increased in intensity. The moment they began with their fun pop-rock, the pent-up energy was released, as the crowd cheered wildly. It wasn’t hard to see why; ToNick have an accessible, poppy-sound that uses really simple, nursery-rhyme-type melodies with catchy and fun hooks, which is always a recipe for popularity. They veered between sounding like Blink-182 and the girl who sang Hey Mickey (I realise that this sound is more popular nowadays in the Cantonese-speaking music community, but I’ll admit that I don’t have the right references for that, so I’ll leave that side of things alone). 海膽生無 saw the singer singing nonsense syllables and having the audience singing along, something like a rock-singing Cab Calloway, which was fun. In general, while they are poppy and I found them somewhat unmemorable in terms of pure sound (there are few interesting or unusual uses of instruments, or vocals), they did have some nice-sounding textures and undulating hooks. Most of all, they were really fun to watch, and I didn’t even understand most of what they said. In the end, if you’re a funny band that, for instance, writes an entire song about “a porn site” (我不能忘記你, for anyone that’s interested) while also being competent musicians, you’ll charm people into liking you (even me, apparently). They played a fun set that gave everyone a good time, and I think we can all agree that that’s a pretty good thing.
— Shashwati Kala

U98_171.JPGLive Review from Underground 98:

Tonick ended the night with a great set, great humour, and great music. When I approached their drummer about their set list, he simply told me they did not have one. They are such a carefree and energetic group and that makes them incredibly fun to watch. Their first song entitled “What A Sunny Day” set the mood for the rest of their set. They got the crowd involved by getting them to clap and wave their arms back and forth. Their music automatically sets you in a good mood with their catchy melody’s and guitar riffs (”happy music” as I like to call it). They reminded me of Good Charlotte and Blink 182. Their fourth song was the one that stood out to me the most as they went from punk to a reggae beat.

Most of their set was in Cantonese, and although I wasn’t able to understand 90% of what they were saying, I found myself laughing and bobbing my head to their music along with the crowd. Between songs they would briefly explain the theme of their songs, and they seemed to be talking about very relatable issues like relationships and smoking in bars. They have such great stage presence that the language barrier wasn’t even an issue. ToNick was a great end to a great night.
Kyra Santiago

Live Review from Underground 36:

This tight 4 piece smelled like Green Day, but sounded more like local favorites Hard Pack. Really it was just straight ahead punk rock with Cantonese lyrics. The band enthusiastically interacted with the crowd and were quite at ease on stage. I would have to say they were a “happy” punk band, not of the “angry” variety.

I’ve fallen in love again! Ar Hang on vocals and guitar deserves to have me for his girlfriend. I love the jokes they told but most importantly I love how the songs are so professional with interesting subjects. Sun Hei on drums is cute too and a great drummer, maybe I can be his girlfriend? If Ar Hang and Sun Hei already have girlfriends then maybe Siu Gwai (who is so great on the guitar solo) will like me? But I also like Ryan. I love ToNick!

Quote from ToNick: WE FALL IN LOVE WITH UNDERGROUNDHK ( just like daisy fall in love with ar hang)

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