IMG_0666.jpg Live review from Planetrox China Final 2016:

1. Miss Pinky
2. Magnetized
3. Black House
4. Turnspit Dog

For an example of a band made up of talented musicians in their own rights, look no further than Tri-Accident. Led by vocalist Alexander Tong, regulars on the local scene gave it a damn good shot at the Planetrox competition with their fiery brand of hard rock and old-school rebel spirit.

From the AC/DC guitar and shrieking cat wails of opener Miss Pinky to the intricate finger-tapping and high-pitched fretwork of Black House, Tri-Accident’s set was a relentless six-string worship. Calling on influences from Black Sabbath to Airborne to Guns ‘n’ Roses, lead guitarist Johnny Chiu ripped through blinding solos, while the extremely talented drummer Cyrus Tse was fascinating to watch as he embellished his rhythms with fancy stick twirls.

On last song TurnSpit, bassist Zing Chee got funky with strummed slap bass before being joined by Chiu’s dazzling Sweet Child Of Mine solo. Judges probably felt the band’s sound was rather too derivative for a winning score, but there was no question Tri-Accident knows how to put on a good show.
– El Jay

IMG_9835.JPG Live review from The Underground “Back to its Roots” Festival Part 2:

1. Turnspit Dog
2. Miss Pinky
3. Asian Fusion
4. Magnetized
5. Black House

Tri-Accident在上年的Battle of the Band 未能入圍決賽實在可惜,但是有實力之人必定會得到別人賞識。他們早已在Underground的Jägershow演出,今次重回AIA冬日嘉年華的場地演出而非比賽,心情應該輕鬆不少。發揮可能都因為心情而有所提升,所以技驚四座絕對能夠形容當晚Tri-Accident當晚的演出。無論是由Funk的Magnetized或是Hard Rock的Transp,成員都會在Fill in的位置加入花巧的技術,不斷的給觀眾驚喜。由其是結尾曲《Black House》傳統的Hard rock 風格配上bass手Zing和結他手Johnny快速的taping,令整個Tri-Accident的演出都看得令人目定口呆。
– Dicky Kwong

With a very sweet, declaration that they are going to warm the audience on a rather cold January night, Tri-Accident Launch into their first track with an anything but warm hard rock sound. More so, it’s dark and hard but great.

Part Rage Against the Machine, Part Godsmack and a bit of Audioslave, Tri-Accident’s first song was pretty much exactly what that sounds like. Rocking licks, some hard drumming and a pretty badass guitar solo.

Their second, Miss Pinky, was dedicated to the ladies in the house, but I wasn’t sure what kind of ladies they’re into cause the songs was a cross between Led Zeppelin and Lenny Kravitz. If you could have only been there, cause it sounded awesome.

At this point, I have to give props to the sound guys because they really nailed this stage, which wasn’t an easy place to mix.

Asian Fusion, continued the guitar onslaught, but the verse, was definitely much groovier than their first two tracks. It definitely had a bit of Bon Jovi’s Keep the Faith’s bass line but the feel of an early Chilli Peppers song too. The rhythm section really drove this song, and it was as much a pleasure to watch them interact with their instruments as it was to listen.

Magnetized opens with a cool little drum fill, and then it goes into familiar territory. It gave off a very heavy Soundgarden and Creed vibe. The crushing guitar riffs really drove this penultimate of songs. Again the interplay of the musicians was key to making this song work, especially at the bridge where everyone seems to have a small moment to shine.

They closed the show with Black House, which started like Dream Theater and then jumped into a Green Day type verse, but with the bastard love child Led Zeppelin. It is the Jon Snow of Rock music for you Game of Thrones fans.

Tri-Accident have been a band on my radar for a year now, and it has been cool to see their progression as a band. In the last year, they have refined their sound and gotten tighter. Their song writing, has improved since I last saw them and I look forward to any show they will play in the future.
– Jon Lee


Live review from Underground Jäger Show:

1. Complicated
2. Asian Fusion
3. Magnetized
4. Black House
5. Hey

單是一支結他、一支bass、鼓、vocal的無縫配合,已令Tri-accident的hard rock樂曲編制非常飽滿,成員們玩音樂超過十年,難怪甚有大將之風。開首的《Complicated》已霸氣盡現,三個樂器各有春秋,互相配合卻又層次分明,bridge更是華麗得使人神魂癲倒。《Magnetized》由重覆的guitar riff首尾呼應,配合扎實而帶點花巧的bass line,《Black House》是相對標準的rock ballad旋律,成員們加插了各自的solo,讓觀眾一睹各人的精緻技巧。最後的《Hey》是較慢的一首,vocal和吉他有如輪唱般互相呼應,最後vocal連綿且燥鬱的「yeah…yeah…yeah…」帶點grunge rock的氣息。相對不斷展現技巧的樂器,vocal的表現較為平實,但整體表現仍屬超班,極之牽動全場氣氛!
– Lily Sung

Tri-accident started poorly in my books because they took an extra long time to setup. I am not sure what their problem or problems were, maybe they were tri-accidents as their name suggests. But, this is never a good start when you leave the audience hanging too long between sets. Luckily they were given an awesome intro from Chris B who declared them as her current favourite live band. After her comment she was coerced into having a Jäger shot with all of the band members.

I instantly knew why they had become Chris’ favourite live band because their music took me back to the 90s and good old grunge. There first song, ‘Complicated’ reminded me of early Soundgarden and the album Bad Motor Finger… which I love. When the vocalist, Alex, started to sing the song it lost its grunge vibe and became more poppy. On guitar, Johnny Chiu, had some really nice riffs. Then the vocals took the lead and the music was more in the background. I didn’t want the music to take a back seat so I patiently waited for the awesome guitar riffs to return and give the song the kick in the ass it needed. The lyrics “It’s so complicated” were my least favourite part of the song and were sung over and over again. Wait a second… isn’t that an Avril Lavigne song?

Asian Fusion” sounded like a cover of The White Stripes song, ‘No one knows’. Musically it was a very strong song and in this song the bassist, Zing Chee (cool name!), took control while the vocals took a backseat because I could barely hear the singer. So, vocally it was not so strong, but musically it was awesome. As with an earlier band this evening, he was singing in English but I struggled to make out what he was going on about. Despite this there was a huge applause when the song was over.

Their next song, ‘Magnet Red’, was fast and energetic and it flew by before I could even write any notes about it. Was I distracted by the Jäger girls at the time or was I just really into the song that I forgot to use my pen. We will never know… mmm Jäger girls… I mean shots!
Alex told us to “Check this out!” as he introduced their fourth song for the night. I did appreciate that he spoke to the audience in English and Cantonese, compared to an earlier band in the evening. It was an early Chili Peppers song musically, but vocally he sounded like Blink 182. But, that is being generous. This song sounded very familiar maybe because of that 90s grunge vibe. I liked it!

Hey” which is not such an original song title turned out to have a lovely intro that kept me in that plane of existence that we call grunge. Oh how I miss grunge! This was not the type of music that you would expect from a Hong Kong indie band. It was so refreshing to hear. I didn’t mind the vocals but other people pointed out that he didn’t quite hit the right notes, but I guess at this stage I was too mesmerized by the performance of Zing, Johnny and Tse. This song reminded me of Alice in Chains. It was like they were imitating them but not quite getting it right. But, still a pretty good effort.
-Cain McInerney

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